MC&MCA Presents AIA Registered Program “Masonry: Affordable and Inspirational”

Elena Peltsman, MC&MCA Marketing Director visited with Wikus Architects in Hopkins MN. Twenty-four professionals attended and enjoyed the Program Presentation “Masonry: Affordable and Inspirational ". 

The Program’s Key Learning Objectives are: 

  • Review how masonry “does more with less” making it the most reliable wall system available
  • Look at some inspirational examples
  • Demonstrate the lifecycle affordability of masonry
  • Learn how architects can reduce “first costs” of masonry construction
  • Discuss how masonry can be built most affordably

Since January 2106 Elena has presented 15 programs to the local architectural and design companies,  12 are scheduled to be presented to in upcoming weeks , and she is waiting to hear from 19 other organizations. Under the strategic direction from the MC&MCA Marketing committee, Elena is beginning to expand her reach to the Rochester area that is poised  for a huge construction boom. Visits to two architectural  firms have been scheduled  already.

Elena is in the process of developing a new Program Presentation:  "What Architects need to know about Masonry Preservation and Restoration". The plan is to  introduce this new program to the design community sometime in May 2016.