Upcoming 2016 82nd Annual AIA Minnesota Convention & Product Exposition

CONVENTION DATES: November 8-11, 2016 


  • Tuesday, November 8:  4 pm–6 pm
  • Wednesday, November 9:  11:15 am–2:30 pm & 3:45 pm–6 pm
  • Thursday, November 10:  11:30 am–2 pm 

The annual AIA Minnesota Convention & Expo brings together more than 2,000 architects and building industry professionals, showcases the latest innovative design and construction industry products and services.  This is our annual opportunity to showcase our Member's products and service to the architects and related decision making partners.  As one of the larger regional AIA Conventions, MC&MCA Members will join 250 other exhibitors coming to be a part of this annual event. 

The MC&MCA has spearheaded the initiative of creating the “Masonry Street” concept where 15 MC&MCA Members are joining forces in representing the masonry industry and co-locating in the 400 aisle.  The MC&MCA will staff a double booth that will include hands-on presentations by the IMI and BAC and “Ask a Contractor a Question” sessions.  Member contractors are encouraged to staff those sessions.  MC&MCA also has created a highly visible, ceiling hung sign “Masonry Street” to telegraph our presence to all entering the Convention Hall.  This will generate a strong industry presence concentrated in one area with many activities, lots of foot traffic, interest and energy all related to one subject matter masonry.    

"We strongly believe our strength is in our numbers, diversity of products and services, and with a touch of friendly competition…”  MC&MCA Board Member

Photo below:  “Masonry Street” at the 2015 AIA convention with American Artstone Company, MC&MCA,  Amcon Block &  Precast, Inc., IMI, and Stoneworks Architectural Precast, Inc. all co-located in the 400 aisle.