University of Minnesota Bachelor of Design in Architecture Masonry Workshop

The University of Minnesota 2015 BDA Masonry Workshop is a unique opportunity for architecture students to learn and practice masonry design and construction by working directly with the Apprenticeship Training Center and in conjunction with the International Masonry Institute (IMI).

MC&MCA Marketing Director Elena Peltsman was invited to participate in the University of Minnesota “Masonry Design and Construction” class as a guest speaker and substitute instructor. She and several MC&MCA members and allied professionals served as judges for a classroom design competition.

The design problem: to design a masonry structure on the campus of the University of Minnesota. The project deliverables includes a Group digital presentation that includes the inspirational photos from their portfolio, original sketches and charrette ideas, journal, Virtual or Actual modeling, elevation and details, section detail showing flashing and moisture control as well as a construction site sample or “mock-up“ panel. Panels will include example assemblies of base, decorative wall elements, bonding patterns, top of wall accent, examples of moisture control systems, joint finishes, and display acceptable workmanship.

Four teams presented their work, and a creatively designed bench to be located on the West Bank plaza was selected as the winning project. The bench was comfortable to sit on, its scale and proportions were well designed, and it incorporated light fixtures in a creative way.