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Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program

Summer 2019 Program News


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New Members

Please welcome the following contractors who made the decision to "COME ON BOARD" the Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program (UCWCP):

Viking Demolition & Specialty Services LLC | June 2019


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Quote to Note


"Our company has more than a decade of experience with the Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program (UCWCP).  Properly using the Occupational Medicine doctors within the Exclusive Provider Organization avoids lost time claims to the benefit of contractors and injured employees alike.  The UCWCP is an important tool in managing risk.  The staff makes sure that our company, the insurer and our employees communicate and understand what must be done when an injury happens."

Marie Eggler, Claims Manager, Q3 Contracting, Inc. 

Member since 2004                                                                    


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From Sandy Stoddard

Member Services Director


We are receiving calls for assistance from contractors and claim adjusters due to unauthorized treatment occurring outside our Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). The cause is often due to a failure to notify the injured worker of the requirement to treat in the EPO.

What can you do to avoid similar problems for yourself?

  • Notify your employees. Provide the 'Union Employee's Guide' brochure to all Union Employees annually, at new-hire and most importantly, when an injury occurs.

Need Program Assistance?

Call UCWCP Members Services at 952-851-5943 or emailucwcphelp@wilson-mcshane.com and UCWCP Staff will assist you.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Update: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialists

Providers specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) have been evaluated and updated in our Specialty Provider listing. This medical specialty is vital for helping those with serious injuries obtain the most optimal function and quality of life. Please send us any feedback about our updated listing. Thank you for your help in ensuring our participants have the best work injury care possible.

The updated directory may be accessed at the following link: EPO Specialty Providers

UPCOMING TRAINING: Look for an invite in your inbox.

Our next in-person Contractor Member Training is 9:00 on August 22nd. If you haven't been to training over the past few years, please join us to learn about program updates and new work injury management resources.



From Kevin Gregerson

Program Administrator


UPDATE: Subscription Fees for July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020


The Board of Trustees approved NO CHANGE to the formula for calculating employer contributions. For this fiscal year it is: 2018 calendar-year payroll multiplied by .0012. There is a minimum Assessed payroll of $800,000 (resulting in a minimum annual fee of $960). There is a maximum Assessed payroll of $8,291,667 (resulting in a maximum annual fee of $9,950). Only payroll of employees who are members of participating unions is used for the calculation.




The UCWCP's Aggregate Experience Modification Rating (EMR) DECREASED to 0.93! Each year we collect our members EMR. While the least costly injury is first aid only, more serious injuries have significantly reduced costs due to the UCWCP's unique services that improve medical outcomes, resolve problems quickly, and lead to a safe and rapid return to the pre-injury job. This results in a reduced EMR, helping our contractors win more bids.


Please Welcome Our New Labor Trustees


Nate Sogge. Nate is a Field Business Agent for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local #49, which serves Minnnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. He began his career with Local #49 in 1997, working in Sewer and Water Construction as an excavator operator. He became a business agent in 2018 and represents members working in northwest Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area. 


Joel Smith. Joel is a Council Representative of the Laborers District Council of MN & ND. He became a member of the Laborers' Union in 1991, began services on the Executive Board in 2009, was hired as a Business Agent in 2014, and became Job Dispatcher in 2017. He also serves as a trustee on the Union's Health & Welfare, Pension, and Training fringe benefit funds.


Welcome Nate and Joel. We look forward to your contributions and service to support our mission:


"Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Unionized Construction Industry".


Welcome Nate and Joel. We look forward to your contributions and service to support our mission:

"Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Unionized Construction Industry".


Kevin Gregerson, Program Administrator


Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program
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