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New Members

Please welcome the following contractors who made the decision to "COME ON BOARD" the Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program (UCWCP):


Kirtland, Inc. | November 1, 2018

Uhl Company, Inc.| November 1, 2018

SR Mechanical, Inc. | December 1, 2018




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Quote to Note


"We joined this program over 18 years ago and have benefited from all it has to offer to us as an employer and to our employees as well. They have kept their promises and help cases move along with less grief for everyone involved in a claim. The doctors, QRCs and the program's staff adhere to their stated mission and it works."

-Diane Randolph, CSP, CHST; Safety and Claims Manager, Danny's Construction Co., LLC

Member since 2000


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From the Member Services Director




Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Updates:


Concentra has acquired U.S. HealthWorks

U.S. HealthWorks clinics have changed to Concentra Occupational Health centers effective October 29, 2018.  The EPO listing has been updated to reflect this change for all clinic locations.  We have met with Concentra to discuss our program's expectations and to ensure a seamless transition for our members.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit: Concentra


North Memorial Health Clinics removed from EPO

North Memorial Health Clinics no longer provides occupational health services effective November 1, 2018, and have been removed from the Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO). Although the clinics continue to provide acute injury care, they no longer specialize in treating occupational injuries and illnesses. 


NEW Member Resources:


Need resources for your upcoming Safety Day?

- Hand out the UCWCP Tri-Fold Brochures.

Providing your union employees a brochure annually reminds them of their participation in the program and the benefits available if they are injured. Contact ucwcpcerts@wilson-mcshane.com to order additional brochures, or you may print it directly from our website through the following link: Union Employee's Guide



- Show our free UCWCP Program Overview Video 

This 5 minute video uses the program brochure as a guide to provide information about the UCWCP to union employees, including the benefits available and contact information for assistance.


Need help with post-injury medical care? Establishing a relationship with a designated medical provider is a key factor for successfully returning employees to work. 


Use the following resources for help identifying a designated medical provider in the EPO and steps on how to establish a relationship for a successful partnership in injury care.

Let your employees know where to go if they are injured. Use the map template to inform employees of your designated EPO provider. Post on the job site, in a break room, or place in foreman books or safety manuals.

Need help with post-injury return-to-work?  Find out how providing a light duty return-to-work program, and ensuring its success, can help reduce your claim costs, experience modification rating (EMR), and the financial impact to your employee.  

Keep checking our Program Documents page as additional tools are released throughout 2019. You can access all of our information from your desktop, smart phone, or tablet. 





From the Dispute Resolution Facilitator




Program Performance Case Study


A union employee injured his right shoulder and required surgery. A program Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant (QRC) assisted in selecting an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) surgeon who specialized in shoulder repair. Surgery was performed, and the injured worker was prohibited from doing any work unless it was approved by the surgeon. The QRC immediately faxed the "disability" slip to the contractor.


The contractor informed the QRC that they had one-armed, sedentary work paying full wages and benefits during the period of light duty work. The QRC obtained a written job description from the contractor and gave it to the doctor to review. However, the surgeon refused to release the patient to any work duties so soon after the surgery.


The QRC contacted the dispute resolution facilitator for direction. The facilitator suggested to all parties that a referral to an Occupational Medicine specialist to evaluate the appropriateness of one-armed work would be appropriate. The facilitator and the QRC worked together to create support for the idea, and coordinate the appointment.


The Occupational Medicine doctor approved the one-handed work, and the employee returned to work at full wages and benefits after missing only two days of work.





From the Program Administrator





Did you know that your insurance carrier provides a premium credit just for UCWCP members?

And that the amount of the credit covers the annual UCWCP subscription fee?

Why do they provide this credit?  Because UCWCP claims show a significant reduction in medical and wage-replacement benefit costs when compared to similar claims in the state-run system.

Please check your policy or speak with your insurance agent to confirm your company is receiving this credit. It is listed on the declaration page, code number 9742.



As we enjoy the season of giving thanks, the staff of the UCWCP want to express our sincere thanks for the support and confidence you have placed in us to continue our mission: "Making Workers' Compensation Work Right for Minnesota's Unionized Construction Industry".





May You and Yours Enjoy Blessings in the New Year, 



Kevin Gregerson, Program Administrator

Making Work Comp Work Right






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