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October 31, 2017                                    

Volume 9, Number 20



From the Editor

One question I am often asked is about the use of LEED v4. Anecdotally, the uptake seems to be much slower than previous versions of LEED. This is confirmed by the most recent data published by USGBC. According to the 3rd quarter LEED certification update, only 13 projects in the U.S. certified to LEED v4 between July and September 2017. This compares to 597 projects certified in the U.S. to LEED 2009 during the same period. An additional 28 projects were certified to an earlier version of LEED (2.x) during this time as well. When you consider which rating system was used, as you might expect, the majority of buildings (over 66%) certified did so under the Building Design and Construction (BD+C) umbrella which covers different types of new construction and major renovations. Perhaps less expected is that just over 21% of the total number of projects certified under Interior Design and Construction (IDC) and over 12% did so under the Operations and Maintenance (OM) rating system which covers existing buildings. More information on LEED certifications in the U.S. and other countries can be found here.


Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP


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Benchmarking is a valuable tool, whether used in building performance or manufacturing. While the report featured in the first link below is for buildings in NYC, the lessons learned can be applied elsewhere. ~Tina


The 2017 NYC Energy and Water Use Report is Here!


Authored in partnership with the NYC Mayor's Office of Sustainability and NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress, the report found that carbon emissions from benchmarked buildings across the city fell 14 percent in the six-year period between 2010-2015, while energy use fell 10 percent during the same time. Where have these savings come from, and how can we make the strides necessary to reach 80 percent reductions by 2050? To find out, explore the key findings and read the report.


Better Living Through Masonry


Everyone knows that Americans need to get outside and get active. Report after report shows that obesity and inactivity are making us sicker and shortening our lives. Despite all the studies and surveys, convincing us to shed our sedentary ways has proven to be a tough sell for health advocates. According to this article, masonry may be part of the solution, making the great outdoors a place where more of us want to be.


Call for Entries: 2017 Beyond Green™ Award


Designers, builders, owners, government agencies, manufacturers and others often go beyond the status quo to achieve high-performing, resilient buildings and communities. The National Institute of Building Sciences offers a way to show off advancements and gain recognition for those buildings, initiatives and innovations by entering them for a chance to win a 2017 Beyond Green High-Performance Building & Community Award. The Beyond Green™ Awards distinguish those projects and activities that best demonstrate the eight high-performance attributes: sustainability, accessibility, aesthetics, cost effectiveness, functionality, productivity, historical sensitivity, and safety and security. Hurry, the deadline is Oct 31! 




ASCE Developing Guidelines to Design for Resiliency


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) will release a 240-page manual next year to enhance adaptive design and risk management practices to improve resiliency. An outline of the document was unveiled at the organization's annual conference this month, and the full document is undergoing peer review. Click here for more information.


Rhode Island Goes for LEED for Neighborhood Development and SITES


The State of Rhode Island is expanding its longstanding Green Buildings Act adding built landscapes to the list of public projects that must be built to recognized green building standards. Read more


Evolution and Directions for Sustainable Manufacturing Standards


This free webinar, held November 9, 2017 at 1:00pm EST, will explore the landscape of standards related to Sustainable Manufacturing and how these standards are evolving to better support an understanding the use of resources.  Life Cycle Analysis depends on exemplary data sets that don't always accurately reflect actual performance and do not motivate improvements in production processes. Measurement systems for understanding resource use and the trade-offs are needed to optimize system level performance.  This talk presents recent developments towards Sustainable Manufacturing standards that address these aspects of the sustainability problem. Register here.




The TMS Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching. It is a great opportunity to earn continuing education credits while networking with some great people within the masonry industry! And this year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. Learn more and register at the link below. ~Tina


TMS Annual Meeting Registration Open

The Masonry Society will hold its 2017 Annual Meeting and 40th Anniversary celebration in beautiful La Jolla, California on November 3 - 7. The Masonry Society's Annual Meeting is filled with educational opportunities in addition to our Committee (Business) Meetings, Member/Guest Reception, Awards Luncheon, and social events. The General Sessions on November 4, 2017 and pre-conference seminars provide informative background on a variety of design, construction, and evaluation topics related to masonry. Certificates of Continuing Education are available. Click here for more information.


Exterior Masonry Walls and Energy Code Compliance


Achieving energy code compliance is becoming increasingly more difficult using the code prescriptive methods. Whole building analysis is one alternative method that will produce more cost effective designs for exterior masonry assemblies. This webinar provides an overview of energy code provisions, reviews energy studies performed utilizing whole building analysis, and provides recommendations for cost effective energy efficient solutions for energy efficient exterior masonry wall designs. Register for this November 9 webinar here. Certificates of Attendance and one hour of AIA Continuing Education credit are available to attendees upon completion of the webinar.

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