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Special Inspection Webinars

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The Masonry Society (TMS) is planning a series of 9 webinars on Special Inspection of Structural Masonry, helpful for anyone who is or plans to become a Structural Masonry Special Inspector (SMSI), or who is otherwise involved with special inspection and testing of masonry. Attend 1 webinar, several, or all, depending on your interest and background.


Webinars on the following topics will be presented at 1 pm ET on each Thursday in September and October, by the speakers listed. Dates underlined shown the corrected dates:


·    Introduction to Special Inspection, the 2018 IBC, and TMS 402/602, September 5, Phillip Samblanet

·    Introduction to Masonry Units, September 12, John Chrysler

·    Reinforcement and Connectors, September 19, Phillip Samblanet

·    Mortar and Mortar Mixing, September 26, Jamie Farny

·    Grout, October 3, Jamie Farny

·    Basic Masonry Construction, October 10, John Chrysler

·    Reinforcing and Grouting, October 17, Phillip Samblanet

·    Hot and Cold Weather Construction, October 24, Jamie Farny

·    Testing, October 31, John Chrysler


A 10th webinar on Basic Plan Reading will be considered in November depending on the interest of attendees. Click here for additional information and to register.


Educational Resources


The Masonry Society has excellent resources for the classroom, and we offer discounts (often up to 50%) for classroom orders of 5 or more on most publications. Below are some of the most popular titles, but see TMS's website for other resources as well. To place a classroom order, call 303-939-9700 to receive the greatest discounts.