The Alamo – The Rebuilding Of A Legend


THE ALAMO – The Rebuilding Of A Legend


Famously known as a symbol of resistance, the Alamo is a historic landmark in San Antonio, Texas. First constructed as a mission in the early 18th century, this legendary building became the site of the Battle of the Alamo, whereby hundreds of Texans gave up their lives to resist the Mexican Army.




Staying Fit Even If You’ve Already Blown Your Resolution


Did you start out the year with a clear idea of how you wanted your fitness journey to look in 2021? And then, let me guess, you had some extra busy days or you were too tired, or you over-ate, and now you feel like you blew your resolutions and you’ve given up?




Chairman’s Message: Navigating 2021 with the MCAA


Spring is around the corner here in the Midwest and where will 2021 take us all? The year for us is starting a lot slower than we have seen in many years, but there seems to be work in the pipeline. December and January our company has experienced more COVID cases so far during the Pandemic combined. It doesn’t make much sense but it is what it is. If there was a time for us to have more hardship with the pandemic this is the time with our work being slower than any point in 2020.




TROWELS - The Simple, Yet Essential Tool


Look in any mason’s toolbox, and you are bound to find a variety of trowels. Masons use hand trowels to spread, shape, and level mortar and concrete. These simple tools are essential for bricklaying and stonework.





The Fechino Files: Lipped Brick Detail


Lipped brick details are common when replacing brick shelf or relieving angles and at many loose-laid lintel replacements. The lipped brick has a section of the brick removed on the bed section of the brick, typically, ½ to ¾ inch by 2-7/8 inch on a standard modular brick. The section that is removed historically has been placed as the bottom of the brick with the remaining portion of the lipped brick facing down. This method of placement can create concerns for the owner, installer, and project management team as it adds unnecessary installation issues that can easily be solved with less cost to the project.






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