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Historic Masonry Restored
October 15, 2018                                    
Volume 10, Number 19
From the Editor
Last week TMS held its Annual Meetings in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Having never been there, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was a city full of historic masonry buildings that have been renovated and re-purposed: a beautiful bank building turned into a grocery store; old office buildings converted to residential use; and beautifully restored arcades featuring shops and restaurants. It was a testament to the durability and beauty of masonry construction, from brick and terra cotta to granite and sandstone. I highly recommend a visit!
Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP        
NOTE: Inclusion in this newsletter is not an endorsement of the products and materials featured, nor have these products been evaluated by TMS or the editor. Furthermore, the views expressed in the articles featured are those of the article authors.
While LEED certifications are down, many building owners still find that sustainable building design makes economic sense. Read more about what the Dallas area is doing in the link below. ~Tina
New Tallest Passive Tower Performs on Budget
A residential high-rise in Spain has become the new tallest building to receive Passive House certification. Read more.
Sustainability Can Make Business Sense
Experts say the key to achieving widespread sustainable building practices in regions like North Texas is to convince building owners that sustainability makes business sense, as green locations are often tied to transit, density and talent recruitment. Sustainability doesn't necessarily have to entail building everything to LEED standards, but solar and wind power technologies should be considered as options in a developer's toolkit. Read the article.
AI, Machine Learning Take on Climate Change, Renewable Energy
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to address challenges in climate change, generation of renewable energy, transportation and health care, Abhinav Rai of UpGrad writes in this piece. "As artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to evolve -- and consequently, more intelligent -- they are likely to solve more global problems, thus bringing us closer to realizing our goals for truly sustainable development," he concludes. 
One of the oft mentioned criticisms of LEED is a lack of performance data. USGBC aims to counter that with their newest certification program that focuses on measured, net zero performance in several areas. ~Tina
Net Zero Certification Program Announced by USGBC
Much as NASA developed dozens of life changing and useful inventions that benefitted all as it raced to the moon, USGBC may be the catalyst for new, cutting edge technologies in the race to net zero buildings. There is no doubt that the newly announced LEED net zero certification program is ambitious. Read more about the program here.
Standards Promote Sustainable Development
The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and ASTM International's Memorandum of Understanding Program are aligned to help people and the planet. Find out how.
PPG Exec: Sustainability Crucial For Modern Manufacturing
Manufacturers are leading the way on sustainability and must continue to do so for the well-being of the entire supply chain and customers, writes Mark Cancilla of PPG Industries in this article. Industry efforts to encourage sustainability include the National Association of Manufacturers and Energy Department's Sustainability in Manufacturing partnership. 
Institutional Investors Call for Uniform ESG Disclosure
The Securities and Exchange Commission should standardize disclosure of environmental, social and governance information by publicly traded companies, a group of institutional investors and state treasurers said in a petition to the SEC. Standardized data could play an important part in the review of companies' risk management and long-term performance, some of the petitioners said. Read more
The continuing education article linked below provides a good overview of resiliency and the various rating systems available. ~Tina
Resilience Rating Systems
New guidelines and rating systems help architects design buildings that can respond to a broad range of threats. This continuing education articlediscusses several of the programs available to provide guidance on resilient designs.
TMS Webinar Series Continues 
The Masonry Society's 2018/2019 2nd-Thursday-of-the-Month Webinar Series presentations are easy ways to learn more about various masonry topics while earning 1 hour of continuing education. Topics include:
  • November 8, 2018 - Design of Movement and Control Joints for Masonry
  • December 13, 2018 - Masonry Façade Inspections - Best Practices and Tips
  • January 10, 2019 - Rational Design of Masonry Veneers & Shelf Angle Supports
Webinars will begin at 1 pm ET. For more information and to register for these seminars, visit the TMS website.  

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