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Improving Manufacturing
August 30, 2018                                    
Volume 10, Number 16
From the Editor
Resiliency continues to be hot topic, but recently we've been hearing a lot more about circular manufacturing. Circular manufacturing or processes refers to a way of designing and manufacturing products that feeds the product back into a manufacturing process at the end of its useful life, rather than a linear process that designs products to be used and then discarded. A circular approach to products is a new way of thinking, one that is increasingly being embraced by many industries and manufacturers. Are you incorporating circular processes into your business? If so, we'd love to hear about it. Send me an email at the address below!
Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP        
NOTE: Inclusion in this newsletter is not an endorsement of the products and materials featured, nor have these products been evaluated by TMS or the editor. Furthermore, the views expressed in the articles featured are those of the article authors.
The USGBC continues to consolidate their resources on resilient design into a single web page full of information related to LEED and other rating systems and how they can help promote resiliency. ~Tina
USGBC Introduces Center for Resilience
The USGBC has announced the Center for Resilience. This web pagehouses all of USGBC's resilience-related advocacy work, relevant resources, information on events and features of their rating systems that can enable projects to become more resilient. 
NYC: Origins of Green
People often think of New York City as a leader in sustainability today-but many are unfamiliar with the city's rich, decades-long history as a trailblazer in applying sustainability concepts and practices to the urban environment. Read all about it in "Origins of Green," written by Urban Green's Senior Policy Advisor Laurie Kerr and USGBC SVP Roger Platt for the summer issue of AIANY's Oculus Magazine. 
One of the challenges with new products that aim to be "greener" than traditional ones is that there is usually no standard for performance for them. The new ASTM standard Guide linked below aims to provide guidance for those developing much-needed standards for new products. ~Tina
New Standard Provides Guidelines for Masonry Units Using Alternative Materials
ASTM International's committee on masonry units (C15) has approved a new standard that provides guidelines for masonry units manufactured with materials not currently addressed by existing ASTM standards. Traditional ASTM masonry units are manufactured out of inorganic materials that can include fired clay, shale, concrete, sand-lime, or calcium silicates. Masonry units are used for a wide range of construction activities. However, increasingly manufacturers are investigating the use of alternative materials in their manufacturing processes and this guide will provide guidance on establishing constant performance characteristics for these units with the material standards arena. Read more here.
Circular manufacturing, circular economy and the like have been in the news a lot lately. Several articles featured below discuss the concept and strategies for manufacturers. While the focus for many in this area is on plastics, the concept can be applied to all manufacturing processes. Because it may be unfamiliar, we've also included a link to a free webinar on circular economy policies. ~Tina
Report Shows U.S. Manufacturers Set High Goals for Energy Efficiency
The Alliance for Industrial Efficiency report shares data on the public energy goals of large manufacturing companies. The report researched the public energy efficiency goals of 160 of the nation's largest companies, which hold a combined 2,100 manufacturing facilities. Among the key findings are that 43 percent of the largest manufacturers in the U.S. have established ambitious public targets to reduce their energy use, and 79 percent have done the same regarding greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Read more.
Manufacturers Need Support in Circular Practices
Many companies, including Philips, Fairphone and Samsonite, have launched circular practices to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, but manufacturers should receive support from both policymakers and investors in their sustainability efforts, Emma Berntman from Hermes Equity Ownership Services says. The circular economy might require a shift in the design process as manufacturers consider how their products can be repurposed or recycled when they reach the end of their lives, Mike Scott writes in this article
Don't Ignore Small Circular Solutions
As organizations search for ways to reduce plastic waste and move toward circular practices, companies should not abandon a solution that seems small, because small changes can grow into larger ones, write Ocean Recovery Alliance's Douglas Woodring and Ecover/Method's Tom Domen. "Every business and service provider has some type of calculable negative externality, but...the quest for perfection should not stop us from innovating to reach that ultimate goal in the future," they say in this piece.
Free Webinar on Circular Economy Policies
Register for this September 12 webinar and find out how to take further steps toward sustainability and circular economy. In joining forces, the founder of Thinking Circular, Eveline Lemke, and 'thinkstep' will help you construct new business cases and enter new innovation platforms. Register here
Fall means back to school for many, even for TMS! Check out the many educational offerings available beginning in October. Register now for discounts on the Annual Meeting. ~Tina
TMS Annual Meeting - Register Now!
The Masonry Society's Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching, and attendees are reminded to register soon as the early registration discounts end on September 11th, and the hotel is filling up quickly. For more information on the schedule, educational opportunities, registration and more, click here.
TMS Webinar Series Continues on October 11th
The Masonry Society's 2018/2019 2nd-Thursday-of-the-Month Webinar Series are easy ways to learn more about various masonry topics while earning 1 hour of continuing education. Topics include:
  • October 11, 2018 - Specifying the Right Mortar and Grout for your Projects
  • November 8, 2018 - Design of Movement and Control Joints for Masonry
  • December 13, 2018 - Masonry Façade Inspections - Best Practices and Tips
  • January 10, 2019 - Rational Design of Masonry Veneers & Shelf Angle Supports
Webinars will begin at 1 pm ET. For more information and to register for these seminars, visit the TMS website.
Symposium on Building Science and Building Enclosure Performance
The Symposium on Building Science and the Physics of Building Enclosure Performance Part 1 will be held on October 21-22, 2018 at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. The symposium is co-sponsored by ASTM Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings and Committee D08 on Roofing and Waterproofing, and will take place in conjunction with the October standards development meetings of Committee E06. For more information, click here.
New Online Education for Architects Available: Energy Efficient Masonry
Architects can earn continuing education credits as they learn about concrete masonry in the new online course created by NCMA. This course, titled "Concrete Masonry: The Energy Efficiency Solution" is available on The course provides information on the energy efficiency benefits of concrete masonry construction, as well as code compliance paths and insulation strategies. Click here for a brief overview and link to the course. 

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