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Thermal Mass Saves Energy


October 15, 2017                                    

Volume 9, Number 19


From the Editor

I recently returned from the ASTM E60 Committee on Sustainability's meetings in New Orleans. The import of holding a symposium on resiliency, in that city and after the recent hurricanes that have caused so much damage, was on the minds of everyone in attendance. The presentations highlighted some of the work being done to help communities and designers address this issue. Next month TMS offers an opportunity to discuss these and other issues at our Annual Meeting in LaJolla, CA. It is a great opportunity to participate in committee meetings (including sustainability and masonry design), earn continuing education credits, and network while celebrating TMS's 40th Anniversary. More information is available on the TMS website. I hope to see you there!


Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP


NOTE: Inclusion in this newsletter is not an endorsement of the products and materials featured, nor have these products been evaluated by TMS or the editor. Furthermore, the views expressed in the articles featured are those of the article authors.



Masonry's thermal mass properties are quite effective in mitigating temperature swings and reducing the need for insulation. As the article below points out, this is especially effective with interior exposed masonry. ~Tina


How Masonry Interiors Create More Efficient and Sustainable Buildings


When exterior masonry claddings are used in conjunction with masonry structural systems and exposed masonry surfaces in interiors, building efficiency is optimized. Masonry systems offer three major benefits over alternatives: they decrease the amount of continuous insulation required by code, reduce the risk of thermal bridging, and improve occupant comfort levels. Read more.


Net-zero Transforms Approach to Design, Construction


Net-zero design and construction -- in which buildings create or capture all the energy they need -- are becoming more common, and experts says the technology exists to make every new building this efficient. Learn how to discuss the idea with clients, and examine the environments of some net-zero office buildings in this article.



In the U.S. we have seen the arena of green building programs continue to expand to include systems for infrastructure, building interiors and more. In Europe the latest trend is a movement to harmonize rating programs between countries. Read more in the link below. ~Tina


Europe Developing Framework for Sustainable Construction


A new program in Europe seeks to create a common language, or framework, within sustainable construction. The tool, called Level(s), is about to begin a testing phase that will last until 2019. Read more


50 Shades of Green in Montgomery County


Green building will remain mandatory for new construction in Montgomery County, Maryland and effective December 1, 2017, the International Green Construction Code 2012 will be a permitted alternative. Montgomery County was among the first local jurisdictions in the country, in 2008, to adopt a mandatory green building law for private building, requiring most new construction. With the new law, there are more ways to achieve compliance. Read more here.



Seek Actionable Tools to Make Meaningful Impacts Toward Sustainability

So-called sustainability maturity models -- such as specific protocols, benchmarks and reporting frameworks -- provide corporations and organizations with tools and guidance "for turning strategy into action" toward realizing their sustainability goals, writes Lea Rutledge, principal of Rutledge Advisors in this article.



The TMS Annual Meeting is rapidly approaching. It is a great opportunity to earn continuing education credits while networking with some great people within the masonry industry! And this year we are celebrating our 40th anniversary. Learn more and register at the link below. ~Tina


TMS Annual Meeting Registration Open

The Masonry Society will hold its 2017 Annual Meeting and 40th Anniversary celebration in beautiful La Jolla, California on November 3 - 7. The Masonry Society's Annual Meeting is filled with educational opportunities in addition to our Committee (Business) Meetings, Member/Guest Reception, Awards Luncheon, and social events. The General Sessions on November 4, 2017 and pre-conference seminars provide informative background on a variety of design, construction, and evaluation topics related to masonry. Certificates of Continuing Education are available. Click here for more information.


How the LCA Capability Roadmap Will Enable More-Effective LCAs

This Oct. 26 Brown-Bag Webinar features two distinguished LCA practitioners discussing their work on the LCA Capability Roadmap, and how the Roadmap effort can remove limitations in modeling, reproducibility and other areas of LCA. This information-rich session will help any member of the LCA community work more effectively, and understand how the discipline of LCA is evolving towards a more robust and useful model. 


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