Sustainability ENews Vol 11 #5 ASHRAE Changes

Sustainability E-News
ASHRAE Proposes Changes
March 15, 2019
Volume 11, Number 5
From The Editor
If you are a regular reader of this newsletter you know that the ASHRAE Standard 189.1 for High Performance Green Buildings is undertaking a reorganization to make the standard and the resulting International Green Construction Code (IGCC) more adoptable. As part of this work the Project Committee recently voted on a number of addenda to mark specific provisions of the standard as ones that might be suitable for a jurisdiction to exclude if they are trying to create a minimum green building code. These so-called "above-core" provisions are found in all of the substantive sections of the standard. To learn more and download a copies of these addenda, read the ASHRAE announcement and check out the article below.
Christine "Tina" Subasic, PE, LEED AP        
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The first two links below are part of a short series on resilience. The third link below talks about one of the other, often forgotten, legs of the sustainability stool - society. ~Tina
An Introduction to Resilience
What do climate change and cybersecurity have in common? Both are threats to our well-being, becoming more prevalent, and can be addressed through resilience. Read more.
Plan for Building Resilience
The previous post introduced the concept of resilience as it applies to infrastructure and disaster relief. To continue this theme, let's look at what organizations are doing to encourage resilient building strategies. Read more.
Social & Human Capital Protocol to Guide Effective Decision-Making
At GreenBiz 2019, the Social & Human Capital Coalition unveiled the updated 2019 Social & Human Capital Protocol. The new Protocol is a framework for businesses to measure and value their impacts and dependencies on people and society. It supports effective business decision-making and communication of the full value business generates for society. Using more than 20 company case studies and feedback from public consultation, the new Protocol is streamlined for use alongside the Natural Capital Protocol, helping to facilitate integrated assessments of business interaction with non-financial capital. Read more.
ASHRAE 189.1 Proposes New Structure for Code
If you are a regular reader of Sustainability E-News you know that ASHRAE 189.1 has been working toward making the code a tiered one with core and "above core" provisions that a jurisdiction can select to not enforce. The public review for those addenda has begun. Most have a 30 day review but some are 45 days. Click hereto learn more and download the proposals.
Building Codes: The Foundation for a Resilient Nation
The devastation brought by natural disasters is all too prominent in today’s media. Deaths, injuries and property loss demonstrate the fragility of communities in the face of these events. Increased community resilience provides a mechanism to lessen the impact of these events and assure that communities can continue to thrive. The Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR), a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC), identified 19 areas that represent the essential functions communities provide.Read more.
Earthen Floors Improve Health
Supporting the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goal for Sustainable Cities and Communities, a proposed new ASTM standard for earthen floors could help promote sustainability and improve health in the developing world. Learn more.
Smart Manufacturing in Energy Intense Process Industries
Get eight peer-reviewed papers in this first special issue of the ASTM journal Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems. This special issue is free to download 
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