Something That Really Matters: Bill Coulbourne and Storm Shelter Design

Something That Really Matters: Bill Coulbourne And Storm Shelter Design 

The U.S. Virgin Islands were slammed by Hurricane Marilyn in September of 1995, and Bill Coulbourne was asked to join a team of disaster relief specialists on site. "The engineering consulting firm I was working for, based in Washington, D.C., had a contract with FEMA to provide a disaster response after major events," he recalls. "I'd only been working there a couple months, and it looked like a challenging opportunity to learn new things. I met some of the smartest people in the world in those fields and felt like I was making a unique contribution, something that really mattered." READ MORE


Case Study: Chicago's Original Water Tower And Pump Station 

In Chicago 150 years ago, life was much different from what we know and experience today. Life was slower, needs were different, technology emerged in new yet different forms, and the ideas and evolution of the city differed greatly from that which we rely upon today.  READ MORE


Warm Weather Q&A 

It’s officially summer and we thought we should get some input on warm weather construction procedures. We got the opportunity to chat with three professionals in the industry about different precautions and tips that should be considered when working in the field and onsite during the warmer weather months. READ MORE


The Future Begins With Building A Connection 

Imagine a world void of construction professionals. There would be no houses, schools, and buildings of any kind. There would be no roads to travel or fuel for cars. Air conditioning and plumbing would be non-existent. It’s a bleak scenario to contemplate. READ MORE


Modern Measuring: Get On Our Level

While there is indeed a fine variety of measuring and layout tools, it has been brought to the industry’s attention that extendable and pocket levels are becoming a new hot commodity. The typical mason requires a measuring device that is longer than a carpenter’s level for the purpose of laying brick and stone. READ MORE

Tech Talk: Troubleshooting Cracks 

My wall has a crack – should I be concerned? Well, it depends on its nature because not all cracks are created equal. Cracking is visually alarming, but often there is very little effect on structural stability. Before we discuss the most common causes of cracking in masonry, we need to understand why cracks are so important. READ MORE


NCMA: 100 Years To Celebrate!

2018 marks a complete century of the National Concrete Masonry Association doing what it does best – leading the industry, setting standards, researching new advances, developing technical information, advocating for its members, promoting concrete masonry, providing peer interaction, and looking into the future. READ MORE


Safety: Protecting Workers In Hot Environments 

Many workers spend some part of their working day in a hot environment. Workers in foundries, laundries, construction projects, and bakeries – to name a few industries – often face hot conditions which pose special hazards to safety and health. READ MORE