Six Things to Remember for Job Safety

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Six Things to Remember for Job Safety

CEO Corner

What does each letter in the word "Safety" mean? I'm glad you asked! So remember this:

S - Support (Ready and prepared to perform it)
A - Alertness (Aware of actions to undertake)
F - Facing (Both, expected/unexpected without fear)
E - Everyday (At work or play time)
T - Trouble (Will come and without a warning)
Y - You (Must exercise care, caution, and concern throughout each day)

Milton H. Young, Retired Instructor NMIA
Masonry Hall of Fame Inductee, Class of 2017

Don’t Let Your Business Go Up In Smoke

Safety Talk Tuesday

Every year, fires cost business owners billions of dollars–and that number doesn’t even begin to measure the impact fires have on the business itself.

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1910.178(l)(3) - Powered industrial trucks

OSHA regulation

Powered industrial truck operators shall receive initial training in the following topics, except in topics which the employer can demonstrate are not applicable.

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Don’t Take Hand Tools For Granted

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Our work makes rugged demands on tools. If we misuse a tool, or use one that’s wrong for the job or in poor condition, it can result in injury or spoiled work.


Discounts on Safety Equipment

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