Silica Rule Full Implementation Begins October 23

OSHA will begin full implementation of their new silica rule on Monday, October 23. At that time, the soft roll out will end and companies will need to be in full compliance of the rule.

The MCAA is working with the Construction Industry Safety Coalition to track as many citations of the new rule as possible. We are working on developing a program that would give members access to a very short call with the silica coalition law firm to address any citations. It will be critically important that as this process begins that we track these citations.

The coalition has been very unhappy with clarity and direction on enforcement and feels full enforcement will begin a process of very different enforcement in different parts of the country which will create confusion. For that reason, we ask for your help in tracking these issues so we can address them at the national level. We are afraid that interpretation will be very broad and want to help you to make sure your OSHA officers are enforcing the rule the way it was intended.

If you get a citation, please contact the MCAA office at 800-536-2225 and ask to speak with Jeff. We will likely ask for a copy of the citation and move forward with any assistance we can provide. We appreciate in advance of your help with this and we hope you don’t have to act on this request.

We have included a link to OSHA enforcement guidance for your reference.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MCAA office 800-536-2225 or visit