Safety Training Impacts the Bottom Line

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Safety Training Impacts the Bottom Line

CEO Corner

Dear Heidi,

For many years, companies and organizations have documented that training has improved their bottom line. Production-focused management promotes potential savings in insurance premiums through lower loss ratios and a lower Experience Modification Rate (EMR). Sustained and consistent communication between safety support and production management creates a measurable, positive relationship. Without training, companies can experience decreased production and increased litigation.

David Roberson
Division Safety Manager
Zachry Construction Corporation

This excerpt has been republished with permission from NCCER'sThe Cornerstone magazine.

Globally Harmonized System

Safety Talk Tuesday

Learn about the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), and how to use Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and chemical labels to protect yourself from hazards.

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SDS Program

A compilation of relevant SDS forms

The MCAA has compiled SDS forms for our website to save contractors countless hours of requesting information from each manufacturer.

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Respirable Silica Exposure Policy

Required on every job site

Create a Respirable Silica Exposure Safety Policy for your job site. All mason contractors are required to have a policy on every job site.

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