Safety Drives Profitability

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Safety Drives Profitability

CEO Corner

Dear Heidi,

Most business across the US are driven by the dollar. That is why everyone is in business, correct? Every factor is figured, production is maximized, and we increase efficiency to push schedule to the breaking point with the result of more return. But where is safety?

For years our industry has failed or been reluctant in tying profitability to safety. This is a huge mistake. Safety drives the profitability each and every time. When safety is fully embraced it sets forth a culture that will earn more revenue than any other factor in business today. I know it has worked for us, and there are many more successful businesses that have wholly backed safety, and the results are extraordinary.

Kent Bounds, President
Brazos Masonry, Inc.
Waco, Texas

Scaffolding Safety

Safety Talk Tuesday

Scaffolds are used every day in construction, providing a place to work from, and act as support structures or platforms to store material.

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1910.27 - Scaffolds and rope descent systems

OSHA regulation

Before any rope descent system is used, the building owner must inform the employer in writing that each anchorage has been tested, certified, and maintained.

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LIFE: Live Incident Free Everyday

Tuesday, February 19, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST

MCAA Safety Committee Co-Chairman, Zach Everett, discusses jobsite safety and how to live incident free in this free Safety Forum for MCAA members.

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Discounts on Safety Equipment

MCAA Safety Marketplace

MCAA members can purchase safety products including gloves, harnesses, and more at significant discounts through the MCAA Safety Marketplace.

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