Restoring History: Durant-Dort Factory One


Restoring History: Durant-Dort Factory One


An important historical landmark and a major site of the automotive industry’s birth in Flint was painstakingly restored and repurposed as an archive and research space dedicated to the history of General Motors as well as a meeting and events center for the benefit of another century of Michiganders. General Motors purchased the building in 2013 and began a roughly three-year restoration and renovation of the 30,000 square foot structure.




MCAA Midyear 2020: French Lick, Indiana


With everything that is going on in the world today, it brings us so much pleasure to provide this year’s MCAA Midyear Meeting information. The team at the MCAA and MASONRY Publications are excited to meet with our members, partners, friends, and industry supporters on September 13-17 at the historic and infamous city of French Lick, Indiana at the French Lick Resort. The original French Lick Hotel was established in 1845 and the current spa was built in 1901. French Lick Springs Hotel combines touches of modern amenities and services with its rich history.




Bricklaying With A Twist


Brick columns are typically slow to build when each course is plumbed and leveled as you go. When you set up jack lines, it is much easier to notice when you get a bit off here and there, but you still need to plumb and level. A twisted brick column is altogether different. In a way, it is a little tougher to layout, but once you get to laying the fun begins.






FRIDAY, JUNE 19: Weathering The Storm


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24: Introducing Masonry IQ Build: Modeling and Estimating in BIM


MONDAY, JUNE 29: Stress-Free Brick Matching: Brick Staining and Selection Pro Tips From Industry Experts


TUESDAY, JUNE 30: Innovation - A Behind The Scenes Look At The iQ Process


On The Level: Keson and SOLA: How To Pick A Durable Level


Levels are essential to every masonry job. No matter how big or small, having an accurate level, and one that stays accurate, is critical. Despite the best effort of everyone involved, construction sites are imperfect places where mistakes happen. Things get dropped, and things fall down. Investing in a durable level that can withstand these accidents is important. Durable levels are less likely to go out of level or out of plumb when dropped. After each drop or fall, you should check to see that your tool is unharmed and still accurate.





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