Register Today: HCA-MN Winter OSHA-10 Training Schedule

In 2011 MN-OSHA established new workplace safety rules. According to MN-OSHA about 40 workers are killed each year as a result of falls, and roughly one-third of those are Hispanic workers who “often lack sufficient access to safety information and protection.” As a result of accidents like those the Hispanic Contractors Association of Minnesota was founded in 2011, with the purpose to inform, educate, and train construction workers in Spanish. We are the official non-profit organization of the Hispanic construction community in Minnesota and the only promoter of workplace safety.  Attached please find our English and Spanish winter OSHA-10 training schedule flyers.

HCA-MN Winter Training Agenda with Academia Cesar Chavez

HCA-MN Invierno Agenda de Entrenamiento. Con Academia Cesar Chavez