Peltsman & Swanson Present to the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Licensed Architects (ALAMN)

The MC&MCA marketing director and IMI MN director Mark Swanson continue to collaborate in their marketing efforts. The latest example was the joint “Masonry Mania!” program presentation to the local chapter of the  Association of Licensed  Architects (ALAMN)  that took place on September 27 at the beautiful facilities of the BAC Local 1 Training Center.  It included presentations of the MC&MCA Masonry - Affordable and Inspirational program, What Non-Engineers Need to Know about Structural Masonry, and hands-on demonstrations.     

The ALAMN advertised the program and one of their lines was "don't miss this rare opportunity for a hands-on demonstration of masonry along with hearing from two experts in the masonry world.”    

Below:  Ten architects attended the “Masonry Mania!” program presentation.  On the display monitor is the MC&MCA program.