Our 2018 World of Concrete Recap



MCAA Masonry Hall of Fame 2018: A Sit Down With Three Inductees

On Tuesday, January 23rd during the World of Concrete and MCAA Annual Convention 2018, before the competitions kicked off in the Bronze Lot and the Hall of Fame dinner had been taken place, MASONRY was able to conduct interviews with some living legends of masonry: Damian Lang, Mackie Bounds, and Curtis Hoover. These three men are some of the most influential within the industry, and took some time to reflect on their respective careers and the honor of being inducted into this prestigious group. READ MORE



MASONRY MADNESS®: Masonry's Toughest Warriors Face Off 

The most heart-pounding series of events during the annual World of Concrete/World of Masonry, MASONRY MADNESS® day takes attendees by storm with its fast-paced displays of skill and craftsmanship. The four competitions pit the best of the best against one another to bring out each year’s Champions! READ MORE



Honoring The Legacy: The MCAA Masonry Hall of Fame's 2018 Inductees 

For 2018, the Mason Contractors Association of America honored five new inductees into the Masonry Hall of Fame. On January 25thduring the MCAA annual convention at the World of Concrete, the newest members of the Hall of Fame were honored at Fogo de Cháo in Las Vegas during the closing dinner. READ MORE



Supporting the Trades At Señor Frogs: The MCAA's Annual  South of 40 Event 

The MCAA’s South of 40 Committee held its annual event at Las Vegas’ Señor Frog’s Tuesday, January 17, 2017 from 5:30 - 7:00 PM. The mission of the South of 40 Committee is to provide members the opportunity to learn, to become more involved, and introduce a youthful voice into the masonry industry. READ MORE



Thin Brick: Modern Material, Classic Charm

Thin brick veneer has emerged as a great alternative to traditional brick, giving the impression of traditionally laid brick while being functional. This modern material features comparable benefits of the beauty of classic brick with a variety of available colors and textures. READ MORE



Mast Climbers: The Latest And Greatest

The mast climbers within the masonry industry are figuratively related to the mast climbers on early American ships, even though in masonry it refers to equipment and in ship lingo, it refers to humans. It's all about vertical ascension. READ MORE


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