OSHA Considers Silica Rule Changes


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November 1, 2018


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OSHA considers silica rule changes
Construction Dive

2018.11/1 - OSHA considers silica rule changes

OSHA is asking for input on potential changes to its respirable crystalline silica rule. The agency's pre-rule-stage request for information pertains to control measures for tasks and tools that are not currently included in the Table 1 section of the rule for construction, as well as tasks and tools around exposure to respirable crystalline silica. As the silica rule stands right now, contractors who use Table 1 control methods are not required to measure their employees' exposure and do not have to abide by the permissible exposure limits. The agency is also soliciting input on the effectiveness of dust control methods in reducing worker exposure to silica. Responses to OSHA's notice are due by December of this year. Access information on how to submit responses to OSHA here. Read more about this story here.

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Dirty secret? College tests unlikely substitute for sand in concrete: Trash
Penn State News

2018.11/1- Dirty Secret

A Pennsylvania State University professor and students are trying to find out how ash from trash incinerators can be used as a partial replacement for sand in cement-based construction materials, like concrete. Aside from it being a sustainable solution that could mean precious space for brimming landfills all across the country, if solved it could also be a more cost effective answer for both the concrete block and waste management industries. The University’s research has shown that masonry units produced with the waste materials can meet international standards for units. Read more.

Tornado sheltering in schools and other essential facilities
Masonry Design

2018.11.1 - Tornado sheltering in schools and other essential facilities

Increases in population, urbanization, and changes in climate have placed increasing numbers of the US population into areas that are subjected to higher and more damaging winds. This increase in risk has prompted a response by the building codes. In fact, the 2015 edition of the International Building Code now requires that most schools and emergency facilities located in a significant portion of the Central US contain tornado shelters. Check out this article on how masonry systems can help designers meet these evolving building code requirements and keep occupants and communities safe.Read more.

Registration for World of Concrete now open

2018.11.1 - World Of Concrete

World of Concrete 2019 is January 21-25, 2019. Registration is now open. Be sure to register before 12/3/2018 to take advantage of early-bird rates. NCMA will be partipating as a sponsor of the Masonry Madness event on Wednesday of World of Concrete. Click here for more information and to register.

Are you attending World of Concrete in January? 

2018.11.1 - NCMA Event at World of Concrete

NCMA is hosting an event on Tuesday, January 22 from 8:30-10:30pm and we hope you can join us. This event will be held at Beer Park. If you can attend please RSVP to Carrington Blencowe at cblencowe@ncma.org.

2018.11.1 - Plastic Componant - Fire Tested Ultra Lath Plus


Perfect for rustproofing stone veneer and stucco installations, 1/4" self-furred Ultra-Lath Plus® plastic lath is safer, easier to use than metal. It lowers installed costs, meets ASTM C1764, C1780, C1787, C1788 - and passes the multi-story fire test (NFPA 285). Available in sheets, rolls, strips – it’s unaffected by moisture/chemicals.



Moody's economist: 9 months of growth ahead, then 'garden-variety' recession
Construction Dive

2018.11.1 - Moody's economist: 9 months of growth ahead then garden variety recession

Wall Street’s swings throughout October have left many worried that an economic downturn may be coming sooner than later, but the risks that are spooking investors — threats of a full-blown trade war or a misstep by the Federal Reserve, for example — are being offset by a lot of positive signs, said Cristian deRitis, senior director of Moody’s Analytics, at Dodge Data & Analytics’ 80th annual Outlook Executive Conference last week. President Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which went into effect last December, can be traced to much of the recent growth in employment, wages, corporate investment and consumer spending, he said. While the effects of this stimulus are tapering off, the deficit finance spending bill that was passed earlier this year is still a lingering tailwind “that’s going to push the economy forward for at least the next nine months,” deRitis said. “And if we make it nine months, then this expansion will be the longest expansion in U.S. history,” at more than 10 years. Read more.


Introducing Arcosa Lightweight
Arcosa Lightweight

2018.11.1 - David Butchart joins Earth Wall Prod Image

Effective November 1, Trinity Industries has completed the spin-off of lightweight aggregate operations to Arcosa Lightweight. Arcosa, Inc., will be a growth-oriented company focused on infrastructure-related products and services with leading positions in construction, energy, and transportation markets. Although there is a new name, the operations teams, management, sales teams and day-to-day operations and phone numbers all remain unchanged. Learn more at the new Arcosa Lightweight website.

David Butchart joins Earth Wall Products
Earth Wall Products

2018.11.1 - David Butchart joins Earth Wall Prod Image

In efforts to drive industry-changing innovation, Earth Wall Products welcomes David Butchart to manage their business development strategies as they expand into new markets. Mr. Butchart has 35 years’ experience in the civil construction Industry. He specialized in the design, sales and construction of mechanically-stabilized earth structures including segmental retaining walls and reinforced steep slopes. Read more.



VP Engineering Jason Thompson will be in Toronto for the Canada Masonry Design Centre Tall Wall Meeting November 5-6. Jason will also be in Cooperstown, NY, for the New York State Concrete Masonry Association fall meeting November 7-8.


What are the options available for water repellents for CMU? 

Solutions Center Logo

There are two types of water repellents for concrete masonry - surface treatments and integral water repellents. Surface treatments are applied to the weather-exposed side of the wall after construction. Integral water repellents are added to the concrete mix when the units are manufactured. There are a wide variety of both surface and integral water repellents available to suit the needs of any project.  For more information on surface water repellents see TEK 19-1,Water Repellents for Concrete Masonry Walls.

Solutions Center


NCMA's Evolution

President Robert Thomas: “One thing I would point out in terms of the evolution that did occur in our early stages (and perhaps as much as our first 50 years) was that the association was really geared towards helping assist with the manufacturing of the product. We had a product that had huge potential. We had hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of manufacturers that were spread across the country. And so the association provided an avenue for the coalescing of best practices in terms of manufacturing. We spent time on innovations related to issues such as better curing practices and the production of high-strength products. We engaged in the education process and provided a forum for manufacturers to work together to help tell their story about how they were improving the nature of the product and its relevance to the market. But we began to shift in the ‘70s and ‘80s from a manufacturing-based organization to an end-use of the product based organization. So we really cultivated that mentality about touting what masonry could do and provide the documentation and support to take advantage of market growth opportunities.” See more of the interview with the NCMA president and additional history of the organization here.


Committee Schedule for 2019 Annual Convention now available

The NCMA committee schedule for the upcoming Annual Convention being held in conjunction with ICON-Xchange 2019, February 12– 16 at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Hotel is now available. This year’s program offers all members and their staff unparalleled networking opportunities. Please visit the ICON-Xchange website for more information on the show, housing, and to register.

2018 Basic Block and Hardscape Products Sales Course later this month

 Block Sales Image

Register today for NCMA’s highly rated Basic Block and Hardscape Products Sales Course. The class is scheduled for November 29-30, 2018 at the NCMA Headquarters in Herndon, VA. The course offers an excellent foundation for sales professionals who have been in the concrete masonry and hardscapes industry for less than three years. The curriculum focuses on technical information and marketing strategies vital to advancing students’ knowledge of the concrete masonry and hardscape markets. 

Click here for course flyer and syllabus. Tuition is $575 for NCMA members/$975 for non-member participants. Discounts available for three or more registrants from the same company (Discount for NCMA members only). For more information please contact Clare Ramminger, Director, Programs and Member Services. Email: cramminger@ncma.org Phone: (703) 713-1900. Click here to register.

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ICON-Xchange 2019 Virtual Plant Tour includes a stop in California

 icon xCHANGE

Basalite Concrete Products LLC in Dixon, CA, presented by Columbia Machine, Inc. will be one of four stops during the ICON-Xchange 2019 Virtual Plant Tour, taking place on Friday, February 15, 4 – 6pm, at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista in Orlando Florida. For over 80 years, Basalite Concrete Products has been one of the largest manufacturers of products in the Western United States and Canada. Basalite makes a variety of products including blocks, pavers, SRW systems and a full line of packaged concrete/mortar and other bagged materials. The Dixon, CA, location spans over 50 acres and includes a high output, state-of-the-art bagging line with automatic bag placing and robotic palletizing. Basalite has been a member of NCMA for over 20 years. Visitwww.iconxchange.org/plant-tour to see all the stops during the tour.


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