OSHA Compliance Bulletin, July 2018



A "plain english" run down of the OSHA news you need to know.

July, 2018
The goal of this Compliance Bulletin is to keep you informed of OSHA compliance and other health and safety issues that affect your organization, so that you can make intelligent, informed management decisions.

This newsletter is published quarterly (January, April, July and October), but special alerts may also be sent out for urgent news. 

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Minnesota OSHA clarifies requirements for online reporting of injuries and illnesses.

Minnesota OSHA has clarified that the new requirements for online reporting of injury and illness data will apply to ALL Minnesota establishments with 20 or more employees. This expanded scope will apply in Minnesota.

Minnesota legislature rejects increase in OSHA penalties.

In August of last year, Federal OSHA increased their penalties by approximately 80%, across the board. As a state-agreement state, it would seem that Minnesota was certain to adopt these new penalties, because of their obligation to be at least as stringent as their Federal counterparts. But...

Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) regulation takes effect for General Industry employers.

The long awaited Respirable Crystalline Silica regulation has finally taken effect for general industry employers. OSHA has announced that they will have leniency with employers who can demonstrate good faith efforts to comply for the first 30 days.

California OSHA (CalOSHA) passes new ergonomics regulation.

Citing overwhelming evidence that they are disproportionately exposed to ergonomic and material handling injuries, CalOSHA has passed a new set of requirements for housekeepers.

Minnesota OSHA adopts Federal requirements for online injury/illness data submission. Rule tooks effect July 1, 2018.

Minnesota OSHA has adopted Federal OSHA's new requirements which will require certain employers to submit injury and illness data from their existing OSHA 300 and 300A forms. The submission must be done through OSHA's new online reporting tool. OSHA plans to use the information to target individual employers and industries for inspections.

Federal OSHA announces crack down on noise and hearing protection in midwest's region 5.

Hundreds of employers in Wisconsin and elsewhere in the midwest recently received a letter from OSHA, announcing plans to increase enforcement efforts related to noise and hearing conservation.

Sotera Consulting provides long-distance training via web to Montana employers, and elsewhere.

Sotera Consulting has begun providing distance-learning services to employers in Montana, the Dakotas, Wisconsin and elsewhere. This service allows employers to provide valuable training to employees, while saving thousands of dollars in travel, and lost productivity.
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