News from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry | July 2018

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News from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry


July 2018

PIPELINE grantsSixth round of PIPELINE Program dual-training grants awarded

Forty-one Minnesota companies will share more than $2.1 million in state funding to begin employment-based dual-training for 482 current and new employees as part of the Minnesota PIPELINE Program.


Major workers' compensation legislation enacted

During the last few days of the 2018 legislative session, both houses unanimously approved H.F. 3878, containing recommendations of the Workers' Compensation Advisory Council. Governor Mark Dayton signed the measure into law as soon as he could, on May 20.

The bill was the most comprehensive workers' compensation legislation in two decades. More importantly, it will benefit injured workers, employers and health care providers directly, as well as improve the system's administrative processes.

MNOSHA Compliance provides strategies, resources for preventing dangerous heat-related illnesses

Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) Compliance has a webpage devoted to helping employers prevent dangerous heat-related illnesses of workers who have to work in the summertime heat or in hot indoor conditions. Heat stress can result in several illnesses -- from the more minor, transient heat fatigue to the medical emergency of heat stroke. Visitors to the page can learn more and get helpful resources, including a link to federal OSHA's heat safety phone app.

Answers to wage and hour questions from A to (nearly) Z

The Department of Labor and Industry's Labor Standards unit fields many, many phone calls and email messages every day. To help employees and employers get help even faster, it provides answers to many of the frequently asked wage and hour questions online for subjects from A -- Agricultural workers -- to (nearly) Z -- Women's Economic Security Act.

Ventilation and fire protection for commercial kitchens

The food industry and commercial kitchen equipment are changing at a rapid pace, which has lead to misunderstandings about building code and safety requirements. DLI's Fall Seminar Series will feature information about commercial kitchen ventilation provisions and fire protection of commercial kitchen hoods and cooking equipment.

Advisory groups complete review of 2018 model codes

Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs) have completed their review of the 2018 model building codes. The Construction Code Advisory Council (CCAC) established the advisory groups to review seven of the 2018 I-Codes and make recommendations for their potential adoption with amendments to Minnesota Rules. Three additional TAGs reviewed administrative requirements, fire and building code compatibility and the structural provisions of the I-Codes.



Apprenticeship builds business

Investing in your employees is an investment in your bottom line. Customize your employee training to develop a highly skilled and diverse workforce that fits your company’s needs.


"Labor and Industry is committed to ensuring equitable, healthy and safe work and living environments in Minnesota. Through outreach, education and compliance efforts, we strive to improve the quality of life for Minnesota workers and their families." 

- DLI Commissioner Ken Peterson