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Larry has been involved with concrete work and special construction projects for almost 40 years. He started out working in his father’s concrete business as a concrete form setter and finisher. He then went on to represent chemical admixture companies before starting Enduracon™ Technologies in 1999. Enduracon™ is committed to the enduring performance of concrete. The company markets fly ash and Forta fibers to precast and ready mix concrete producers. 

Enduracon represents FORTA Corporation. Fibers in concrete reduce settlement, shrinkage, cracking and explosive spalling in fire situations. Fibers in concrete improve impact, increase toughness, and increase fatigue life. Our macrofiber Forta Ferro is easier to use, mix and finish than other synthetic fibers.


Company Name:  Enduracon Technologies, LLC

Address:  PO Box 14372, Saint Paul, MN 55114

Phone: 800-216-1436


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