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Terracon Consultants, Inc. was established in 1965 and now with 4,500 staff nationwide in 150 offices, we have the largest Special Inspections program. Terracon provides Environmental, Facilities, Geotechnical and Materials Engineering for valuable quality assurance/quality control with benefits to all parties related to the proper fabrication, installation, and placement of specific structural components and other materials (e.g., EIFS, fireproofing, and soils and foundations) that require special knowledge, expertise, and attention. Benefits include improved communication between design professionals and contractors, testing companies, and jurisdictional building officials, while providing a safe structure for the public. The keys to successful Special Inspections are clear communication, good recordkeeping, a drive to keep the project moving forward, and most of all, qualified people.

If you are an owner, contractor, or engineer associated with the design and construction of structures, you want to verify that the materials used during construction comply with the project specifications. To ensure today’s buildings and infrastructure perform adequately during long time periods, proper selection, quality and workmanship of materials is vital. You need a trusted and reliable partner for construction materials inspections with state-of-the-art construction materials testing laboratories. Terracon’s construction material testing engineers work with clients to minimize material replacements, reduce the likelihood of deterioration, avoid potential failures, and investigate and evaluate materials-related problems and failures when they do occur.