Minnesota Correctional Facility Visit

On Thursday, February 13, John Pederson of TCC Materials and MC&MCA's Director of Marketing & Promotion, Mark Severson (pictured above), toured the Minnesota Correctional Facility – St Cloud. Their host was Jason Kilanowski, instructor of the masonry training program.  Time was spent in the masonry lab with the current students who were involved with everything from laying 8” block to a line, to laying up columns, to laying up back up block and veneering with brick. Examples of fireplace installations with brick and stone veneers as well as cultured stone installations were also seen. The masonry program is one of the few left at this facility with the lack of state funding. Kilanowski had a large stack of applications so it appears his program is very well liked. His students must be at the facility for at least two years before they can apply and all are first time offenders. It was stated that all of the students who graduate from this program have had jobs waiting for them when they get out.