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Paying good money for training is 'serious money'


Kevin O'Shea

Director of Safety and Training, Hydro Mobile
MCAA Safety Committee Co-Chairman

When you buy a house you have to pay 'serious money' when you make your offer. Its proof that you are committed.

Paying good money for training is 'serious money'.

It creates an appropriate paper trail, it testifies as to the employers commitment apropos his/her legal responsibilities, it further testifies as to an employers disposition toward employee health and safety and it sets a solid, positive foundation for defense post accident.

If there is a perception that training is expensive, compare it to the OSHA fines and civil suits, EMF increase, and other exacerbating factors which come in to play when a smart plaintiffs attorney proves negligence.

Expensive training is the cheapest insurance you can buy.


The CEO's Corner


Dane Hobbs
Safety Director, Koontz Masonry, Inc.
Lexington, N.C.

Policing safety on the job site is about caring for the welfare of your employee's. When you are in charge of safety and the health of your employee's, your goal should be for them to return home without injury! If it is only a job to you, then you are doing yourself, co-workers and your company a disservice.


Boom Lifts, Mast Climbers Liability webinar


Protect yourself from much of this liability

The MCAA will present Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Mast Climbers - They're All Very Different, Except When it Comes to Liability on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, at 10:00 AM CST. This webinar is free to all MCAA members.

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Safety Talk Tuesday

A wheelbarrow consists of a wheel, two handles, and a shallow open pan that allows us to move material. A very simple piece of equipment. But there are several things to remember in order to use a wheelbarrow correctly and safely.

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1910.1200 App D - Safety Data Sheets


OSHA regulation

A safety data sheet (SDS) shall include the information specified in Table D.1 under the section number and heading indicated for sections 1-11 and 16. Sections 12-15 may be included in the SDS, but are not mandatory.

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New SDS Program


MCAA compiling all relevant SDS forms

The MCAA is compiling SDS forms to place them on our website to download. This should save contractors countless hours of going to each manufacturer and requesting or downloading the information.

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MCAA Safety Marketplace


Safety discounts for MCAA members

The MCAA has launched the Safety Marketplace through the Beeline Purchasing Program for members of the MCAA. Members can buy safety products direct from manufacturers at significant discounts.

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