MCAA Silica Call to Action - Your Support is Needed!

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Call to Action - OSHA Silica Rulemaking

Great Work! We have flooded he Speakers Office with calls and have filled the voice mail. We are now asking that you contact your member of Congress and urge them to call the Speaker as well and let them know how important it is to fight to keep the Hoeven amendment in the Omnibus. If your member is a Democrat, please urge them to call Nancy Pelosi and convey the same message. Calls to her are just as important if not more so as she will need to be the one to agree to leave it in for the House side. If she knows there is support among her caucus, she won’t push back on it too hard.

It is important that we keep the calls going today as the Omnibus should be finalized this weekend with a full House vote on Tuesday. Suggested talking points for this call can be downloaded here.

Keep up the great work, it is being noticed.