MCAA: Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Alert

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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Alert

CEO Corner

The Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) has been notified that fraudulent laminated veneer lumber (LVL) wood products advertised as "OSHA" scaffold plank have appeared in the southern California scaffold market. There has been one verified delivery and one unsubstantiated notification.

This is a serious matter that poses a life safety threat to plank users and both Federal OSHA and Cal/OSHA have been notified and are actively working with the association to notify SAIA members and scaffold users of the threat.

In a market where it is "Buyer Beware", it is difficult for OSHA and Cal/OSHA to enforce the strength standards for plank until an accident occurs. In the interim, we ask all plank users to verify the plank supplier and confirm that the plank being used/rented/sold complies with the industry standards. In this particular instance, the customer thought he did his due diligence and did receive certification from the manufacturer as to the quality of the product. This is insufficient! All LVL scaffold planks shall be labeled with the seal of an independent nationally recognized, inspection agency. This is a Cal/OSHA requirement and is recommended by the association for all LVL plank.

Do not be fooled by edge stamping that claims "OSHA Approved" or just OSHA. OSHA does NOT certify, approve, grade or recommend products. It is up to you, the user, to ascertain the legitimacy of the product you are using. BUYER BEWARE!

SAIA is asking for your help in tracking faulty scaffold products, LVL plank in particular.

Contact us directly with any questions at or 816-595-4860.

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