MC&MCA Masonry Career Awareness Program

The MC&MCA has created a new committee—the Workforce Development Committee. The purpose of the committee is to support the Construct Tomorrow effort and do more under the flag and brand of the MC&MCA in the field of workforce recruitment, education and information about the concrete and masonry industry.

A plan has been developed to “reach out” to middle and high school youth who might be good candidates for a concrete/masonry career. Through contacts within the Maple Grove Middle School, the committee was able to schedule an event called the “MC&MCA Masonry Career Awareness Program,” which will be held in mid-April of 2018. The program will take place at Maple Grove Middle School with additional schools expected to be added in future years.

The program will be presented for 485 students each day over a two day period during their shop classes. We will be able to use two large shop classrooms, two regular classrooms, some hallway space for displays, and outside space located behind the shop classrooms. Each room will have multiple presentations or hand-on experiences. One of the rooms will be setup as a “technology room” with 40-50 computers available. Current planning has us reaching all 485 students each day using three 45-minute shifts.

Presentations will include math and estimating, the science of concrete and masonry, technology associated with the industry, and other aspects of concrete and masonry construction and related careers. We will do 10-12 shorter presentations (10-15 minutes each) to get the message across to young minds with short attention spans. Hands-on involvement will be included in the presentations, as well as materials and viewing of large equipment in the parking lot. The committee suggested the MC&MCA provide safety glasses, safety vests and hard hats.

Once the committee considers the extent of support available from our members we will call a meeting to update the partners regarding the progress of the program and make permanent assignments for presentations, hands-on demonstrations, exhibits, and outdoor activities like a ready-mix truck, a block and/or brick truck, and more hands-on projects outside.

The Workforce Development Committee and the Board are reaching out to you, the members of the MC&MCA for your help in making the program a success. If your company is interested in heading up a 15-minute presentation or hands-on activity, providing materials for displays or presentations, providing personnel to assist or donating dollars to the effort, please let us know NOW!

Help ensure the future of our industry workforce. If you’re interested in joining the effort, please click here to fill out a quick response form or contact