MC&MCA Marketing Report | October 2019

MC&MCA Marketing Report
Jenae Goede, Marketing Director

MN AIA Convention: MC&MCA will be hosting Masonry Street for the third year! Fourteen MC&MCA members will be joining us.

Excellence Awards: I participated in my first judging day as a navigator on September 19.

IMI: I introduced the guest speakers on Mark Swanson's behalf at the September IMI Structural Coalition Presentation in New Hope.

Presentations 2020: I am in the process of researching new topic possibilities and any suggestions are welcome. Moving toward the creation of a 2020 schedule, pending the finalization of the presentations and the approval of AIA. Ideas include technology advances of robotics in masonry, kinetic roads, and new technologies that help modern masonry.

Marketing Initiatives:  
1. Continued communication with various players involved in the Virginia-Eveleth-Gilbert School Project.
2. Continued work on a comprehensive MC&MCA Strategic Marketing Plan.
3. Continuing face-to-face meetings with Marketing Committee members, Board members, and our general members as they are available.
4. Continued collaborating with our Social Media and Website manager to increase traffic on both platforms and boost awareness of the Association and industry.
5. Compiling digital data analysis information to identify weak areas on the current efforts aimed at promoting MC&MCA and to give direction to our digital platform campaigning.
6. In communication with various associations about future topic content that should be used in our presentations (sources, hot topics, etc).

MC&MCA Marketing Director
Jenae Goede