MC&MCA Annual Meeting Minutes February 2016



February 11, 2016

Grumpy’s Restaurant

Roseville, MN


President Tim Berg called the 2016 annual MC&MCA meeting to order at 4:45 PM. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for their attendance at this meeting and their participation over the last year.


A sign up sheet was passed around and a quorum was determined to be present.


Secretary Kirt O’Konek briefed the attendees regarding the minutes from the February 20, 2015 annual meeting. Those minutes had been included in the March 2015 newsletter. The minutes, as printed, were approved on a motion by Dan Broom and a second by Christa Seaberg.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Steve Brock presented the treasurer’s report. The report indicated a net worth for the MC&MCA of

$193,342.15 as of December 31, 2015. All of MC&MCA’s finances are managed by Bremer Bank. According to Brock, MC&MCA’s investments include $35,191.42 in the money market, $85,229.32 in Raymond James investments, $20,654.57 in savings and $51,948.47 in checking.   MC&MCA continues to serve as the fiscal agent for the MN Masonry Coalition dollars which adds to the net worth. The MC&MCA holds $19,477.96 for the MMC which is shown as a liability on our accountant’s report.  Brock indicated that Scott Thornton continues to serve as our CPA reviewing the monthly financial activities and filing the annual taxes for the organization.

Steve briefed the attendees on a proposed budget for 2016. Revenue for the year is projected at $225,800 which includes contractor dues and marketing contributions totaling $$73,300, dues from associates totaling $72,500, and a $30,000 contribution from the IMI.  Expenses are projected to total $225,140 with $96,875 reserved for the masonry marketing effort. Brock mentioned possible funding changes/adjustments depending on labor negotiations. It was also mentioned that if revenues improve additional budget items could include workplace development functions and a president’s fund to be used to send the president-elect to the World of Masonry/Concrete each year. The 2016 budget was approved on a motion by Tim Dougherty and a second by John Trout.


Committee Reports:

Membership Committee Report:

Chair Patrick Vogt presented the Membership Committee Report.

Dues & Recruitment:

Vogt thanked the committee members for serving and asked for additional volunteers for 2016. He mentioned that the committee handles all of the association business except marketing. He reported that 2016 membership dues were being paid on a good rate and includes three new members to date. He mentioned the two new membership categories that have been added: a service provider category at $149 per year and an architect individual/firm at a $49/$99 rate. To date one company had joined as a computer service provider. Vogt indicated that the committee has targeted around 20 companies for special recruitment treatment. Dick Dentinger, a committee member, mentioned the need for peers to meet with peers if we were going to be successful in contractor or supplier recruitment.

Excellence Awards Contest

Excellence Subcommittee tri-chair Tom Miller informed the attendees that 10 winners (six masonry and four concrete) had been selected and will be announced at the Awards Banquet on February 20. He thanked the contractors that submitted excellent projects and thanked the associates for encouraging contractors to submit projects. He indicated that the winners have been encouraged to bring members of their team to the awards banquet. He indicated that Rosemary Wallace in the association office was working to pull together the pictures, framing, brochure, and other details to be ready for the banquet and insert into the AIA directory, as well as, inclusion on the MC&MCA website. He thanked her in advance for all the work that this project takes each year.

Program Plans:

Vogt briefed the attendees on a rather busy MC&MCA program schedule in 2016. The schedule includes additional “Food 4 Thought” events, tours, and brewery visits. In addition the MC&MCA was hold a bird hunt, golf outing, annual meeting, awards banquet, and other events of interest to our members.  

Web Site Report:

Botzek introduced Heidi Sandstrom who has been retained to revise and update the MC&MCA’s new website, as well as, serving as editor of the newsletter.

Marketing Committee:

Marketing Committee Chair Steve Brock also thanked the members of his committee and also asked for additional person power, especially contractors, to join the committee and provide impute and direction on where and how the marketing dollars are targeted and spent.  Brock indicated the Elena Peltsman, our contract marketing director, was unable to attend the meeting due to a long scheduled vacation. He briefed the attendees on Peltsman’s work including a number of architectural presentations in 2015 and 2016. He mentioned the Peltsman was under a one-year contract and had developed a presentation that is used with the architectural firms to date. According to her work plan, she will be developing a second presentation in the near future.  Brock indicated that the work plan calls for more outstate architectural firm visits, especially Rochester, be targeted in 2016 along with owners, developers, schools, cities, counties, and Minnesota based corporations.

Minnesota Masonry Coalition:

Tim Dougherty briefed the membership on the Minnesota Structural Masonry Coalition (MMC) which is dedicated to promoting masonry materials and workmanship to structural engineers.  Dougherty, Bill Dentinger, Dave Joslin, and Mark Severson serve as representatives for the MC&MCA on the MMC. Other MMC members include the BAC #1 MN-ND, IMI, the Laborers District Council of MN & ND, and LECET.  The MC&MCA remains committed to the MMC partnership into the future. Dougherty indicated that the MMC and MC&MCA marketing committees may be merged later in the year depending on funding levels.

Nominations Committee & Elections:

John Thomas, chair of the Nominations Committee, presented a slate of nominees for the 2016-2017 officers and board of directors.  Additional nominations from the floor were asked for by Thomas. There were none. The nominations were then closed on a motion by Dan Esch and a second by Dick Dentinger. Dick Dentinger volunteered to serve as lead teller. Ballots were distributed, one per company. The tellers returned with a tie for the second associates’ positon. A second vote took place between the second and place finishers.

  • The result of the election was as follows:

President: Tom Miller, Advanced Masonry Restoration

President-Elect: Christa Seaberg, JE Dunn Construction

Secretary: Kirt O’Konek, Stoneworks Architectural Precast

Treasurer: Steve Brock, Construction Midwest, Inc.

General Contractors: Dan Francois, Kraus Anderson Construction

Masonry & Concrete Contractors:

Michael Lapensky, Twin City Tile & Marble

Sean Spraungel, All Stacked Up Masonry


Brent Bixby, Esch Construction Supply

Larry Thompson, American Artstone Company

Remaining members on the board:

Past President: Tim Berg, JE Dunn Construction                                  

Masonry & Concrete Contractors:

Patrick Vogt, Donald R. Frantz Concrete Construction

Chad Grazzini, Carciofini


John Thomas, TCC Materials

John Trout, The Coleman Law Firm


  • Members leaving the board:               

Associates: Greg Saterdalen, American Artstone Company

                     Dan Broom, Acme Brick Company

Past President: Shawn Pratt, American Masonry Restoration    


Transfer of Presidency:

President Tim Berg transferred the presidency position Tom Miller.  Botzek, for Miller, asked for a round of applause for out-going president Berg.


Old Business:

There was no old business.


New Business:

  1. Appointment of Trustees to Union Trust Funds:      

Botzek reported that all fringe benefit funds trustee and apprenticeship positions were filled with the exception of one vacancy on the Bricklayer’s Vacations fund. Recruitment will continue for that position.

  1. Committee Assignments:

Botzek encouraged attendees to sign up to serve on one of the two MC&MCA committees: Membership and Marketing.

  1. Contractors Only Meetings/Labor Negotiations:

Botzek reported that one “contractors only” meeting had already taken place and more will be scheduled as the MC&MCA prepares for the next round of labor negations expected to begin in March of 2016. The current three year contracts expire at the end of April 2016.



With no other business to come before the group, on a motion by Denver O’Brian and a second by Mark Sheriff, the meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Botzek

Executive Director