Masonry: Not Only Strong, But Beautiful

Masonry: Not Only Strong, But Beautiful 

Every design is a balancing act for an architect between qualifying and quantifying the needs and the wants of their client. We can’t forget the budget. How limiting is it? Will it kill the design aspirations of the owner and design team? I recently came across this quote from one of the most innovative and recognized architects over the last 50 years speaks to the motivations in developing a design...READ MORE

We had the opportunity to talk with Evan Schroder of Schroeder Masonry in Leipsic, OH. Evan is a third generation mason and Vice President of Operations in the family business. He is proud to continue his father and grandfather’s legacy and of his place in the masonry industry. READ MORE
It is not an easy task keeping up with all of the changes in the construction world. The time we spend keeping ourselves and our companies informed and up to date with these changes can take a lot of hours out of our days, weeks, months, and years. A large adjustment for us that has hit all phases of our business, whether you build large commercial projects, residential developments, or single family homes is outdoor living. READ MORE

DC, Maryland, and Virginia have a long tradition of beautiful masonry. Driving through many of their cities you’ll spot rowhouses, hospitals, schools and other institutional buildings constructed with molded brick. Clay deposits and other raw materials (such as sand) are readily available throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, which is why local plants have been producing molded brick for more than 100 years. READ MORE



We’re all looking to be more efficient in our daily tasks, but safety is just as paramount. Every business owner wants their company to run efficiently to maximize profits, while every employee wants to work in a safe environment to ensure their wellbeing. Too often, the safety aspect becomes compromised when there is a push for more efficiency. Consequently, operations often blame safety for slowing down production. READ MORE
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