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Heated Workwear For Winter Weather


A look at how battery operated jackets, gloves, and other apparel alleviates cold weather conditions. Bitter cold is a hazard and a threat to construction workers when winter temperatures dip below freezing. Not only can severe weather conditions impede productivity, but can be unpleasant, and it can potentially lead to long-term distress, if not addressed with the proper clothing options.




Should You Pay Bonuses or Dividends in your Family Business?


Family business owners often get tangled up with being “fair,” especially when they make their children stockholders in the business. We get the question often: “Should we pay bonuses or dividends?”Unless you are good with the numbers and tax law you should turn to a CPA or tax attorney for help. That is a good place to start because bookkeeping and staying current with the taxman is no laughing matter. The last thing you want is an audit that eats into profits…or worse.




Modern Masonry: A Look At Available Training And Apprentice Programs For Masonry Careers


Masonry is a trade that extends far back in time. It represents the past and the future. For centuries artisans have designed, constructed, and renovated buildings in a multitude of styles. Mason traditions, skills, and techniques have evolved, been passed on, and adopted by modern masonry masters. Today, masons have the opportunity to leave their footprint, a relic of the past and their present for future masons similar to the buildings still standing today that are visited by tourists, serve as residences, and operate a business.





Have You Protected Your Masonry Business From Identity Theft Yet?


When we talk about you retiring someday, it is not just about finances. It is also about protecting what you have and that includes your personal and business identity. Hardly a day goes by anymore without some sort of cyber breach being reported on the news. The U.S. Government, Target, Home Depot, Anthem, and even Equifax are just a few of the more noteworthy attacks. But, while large companies and entities that hold the personal and financial information of millions (or even just thousands) of consumers may be extremely enticing to cybercriminals, the reality is small companies are also highly attractive... In many cases, they may even be more at risk for a data breach.






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