Masonry Magazine: Dealing With Employment Claims


Dealing With Employment Claims


In employment law, there are two broad categories of civil claims brought by employees against their employers (1) common-law claims over abuse of the at-will employment doctrine and (2) civil rights violations proceeding from the Commerce Clause and 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution. While both categories of claims are related to abuse of power by employers, each arises from different common law or constitutional sources. The at-will employment doctrine is common law (not criminal law) and varies from state to state, but civil rights claims emerge from laws passed by Congress and are uniform for all 50 states. Employees pursuing claims over unlawful at-will dismissal must hire an attorney and pursue their case in common law court in their state.




Mortar Net's Mason Apprentice Scholarship


Mortar Net Solutions, a leading supplier of moisture management solutions and pioneers of the masonry industry, continues its generosity into 2020 with an expanded Masonry Scholarship Program. In an unprecedented time where social distancing is the norm and household incomes are uncertain, every professional industry is being challenged. Steven Fechino, Engineering and Construction Manager, is determined to put Mortar Net Solutions to the test. These scholarships will provide partial tuition reimbursement and empower the selected masonry students with industry tools to use for the rest of their career.




On The Level: Choosing The Best Level For Masons


Since 1949, precision has been SOLA’s passion, and the spirit level our core competence. As technology has developed and improved over time, so have our spirit levels. So how do you recognize high-quality spirit levels- the kind that is used by masons? It all starts with the vial. The vial is a key component of a high precision spirit level and, one could argue, the most important part of a spirit level.






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