Masonry Magazine | Contractor Q&A: Safety Training and Education


Contractor Q&A: Safety Training and Education


In all of our Q&A installments we try to cover relevant information for our readers. This month, we’re covering the ins and outs of safety training and education. We spoke with Tiffany Tillema and Pam Bowen on their experiences on the topic. Discover how their companies are handling safety, training, and educating their employees as well as dealing with COVID-19 requirements.




Tackling and Managing Efflorescence


The first step in recognizing, tackling, and preventing efflorescence is educating yourself on how to recognize the issue. Using best practices and procedures throughout the build will aid in prevention. Just as important is using quality materials for not only cleaning but also preventing, efflorescence. As a mason contractor, it’s important that you keep communication with designers and other trades open regarding possible problem areas. This always should be a goal since, let’s face it, the design also can be at the root of the problem.




Building The Hospital Of The Future


BJC Healthcare had the vision to replace their aging Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital in St. Louis, MO. The original facility was constructed back in 1969 as Faith Hospital on a slat of farmland and was later purchased by Barnes Hospital in 1996. While functional for its time, it was challenging to take advantage of the recent advances in technology and improved efficiency due to the hospital’s infrastructure. Ultimately, these limitations impact the treatment and care a patient receives. With its vision to create the “hospital of the future,” BJC Healthcare set out to create a facility with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and enhanced patient care.




Masonry Tool Modifications On A Budget


When you work long enough in masonry two things are going to occur: your body is going to be less tolerant of the physical abuse that the job can produce, and your thinking about doing it smarter and more economically will begin to become a normal mindset. Years ago, we did an article in MASONRY magazine on tooltips that were designed to make masonry life easier. Well, some of the old tips are still useful. I will describe several ideas that are not my original ideas, but an accumulation of some very intelligent folks I have had the opportunity to work with.





Getting The Most Out Of Midyear


The Midyear Meeting is right around the corner and together with the French Lick Resort, we are full steam ahead for a safe week of activities. Starting on Sunday for those golfers looking for a truly exceptional golf experience, The Pete Dye Course will not disappoint. Sunday evening my wife Lisa will be hosting a Meet and Greet event to give spouses and anyone else the opportunity to plan for the week.






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