Masonry Gives Back


Cold Weather Block Construction: A Sit Down with Two Contractors

Working through winter can be almost unbearable, but it doesn’t have to be. We reached out to contractors who have experience with cold weather construction for their input. One company is from the Northeast and the other from the Midwest, so they’ve experienced their fair share of winters and have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. READ MORE


How Much Training Do I Need?

Training on aerial work platforms, scaffolds, swing-stages and mast climbers is vital in the effort to reduce serious injury or death on construction sites. Working at height requires a safe working attitude, a respect for the challenges of working at height, and comprehensive training. READ MORE



The Not-So-Impossible Staircases

Once upon a time, stone castles were conceived with protection from enemies as a primary objective. Thus, top of hill locations, moats encircling them, stone construction and access points were all seriously considered. The main entry was usually one level above the ground, and occupants would lower and raise a ladder as needed for entering or leaving the property.  READ MORE



On the Level

Ancient Egyptians were marvels of invention and construction and deemed the most advanced civilization the world had yet known. It thrived more than 1,000 years and created all kinds of innovative products which are commonplace still today — eye makeup, written language, papyrus sheets (well before the Chinese invented paper), the plow, toothpaste, shaving implements, door locks, shoes, wine, scissors, the humble chisel. READ MORE


A Day Of Competitions: MASONRY MADNESS® 

Don't miss MASONRY MADNESS® at the World of Concrete/World of Masonry in Las Vegas! It's a collection of the most exciting masonry competitions in the world and it all takes place on one day, at one location. There's nothing like it on the planet! READ MORE


Masonry Field Testing – Keeping Projects On Track

Field testing of masonry materials is a component of many quality assurance programs on projects. Properly done, testing can provide the necessary assurances that the materials used in construction comply with relevant specifications and that the resulting construction will perform as designed. READ MORE