Marketing Director Update | July 2017

MC&MCA Marketing Director Elena Peltsman visited the offices of Twin City Tile and Marble Company to meet with Joe Becker, Vice President of the Stone Division.    

Becker took the time to share his experiences working on unique MN installations, project specific stories and learning lessons, and shared a few ideas on how to help architects better understand the working process with stone fabricators/installers to assure a successful project outcome.          

"Elena-I enjoyed our conversation today and it’s good to see the MCMCA digging deep in promoting the masonry industry”.  Yours truly, Joe Becker

Photo below: Joe Becker is pictured with the background of numerous MC&MCA awards and pictures of the original company owners.


MC&MCA marketing director Peltsman attended the League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference held in Rochester, MN on June 15. Around 160 exhibitors shared their experiences, services and products with the cities’ representatives.

Photo below: Peltsman talking to Von Peterson (left) from the masonry friendly architectural firm TSP and to Rochester City Council Member Michael Wojcik (center) about the advantages of using masonry in the city’s buildings.