Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce

The Mission To Build Masonry's Workforce

XYZ University, a company that specializes in helping organizations communicate across generations has created a whitepaper for the MCAA and MASONRY. Check out why this piece is so important for the industry. READ MORE

One of the most common misconceptions about chemicals is that they aren’t harmful as, say, falling from a mast climber or hitting yourself with a nail gun. That’s one reason chemicals don’t come up in conversations about safety as much as incidents with machinery or equipment. This type of disregard often leads to masons ignoring usage instructions or PPE requirements or not communicating about chemicals at all. READ MORE

The MCAA held its first Midyear Meeting with Chairman Paul Odom in Austin, Texas to a record turnout of over 160 attendees. This year’s hotel was the Archer Hotel, situated in the Domain NORTHSIDE district. Members, suppliers, and friends of the industry all gathered for a packed schedule that contained a lot of work and a little bit of fun.  READ MORE

New technologies and materials are helping states and local public agencies meet the country’s high demand for infrastructure improvements. One that’s seen more widespread implementation in recent years facilitates building bridges better and faster while improving maintenance for longer bridge life. READ MORE

The discussion of Control Joints should begin with a correct definition of the term. Control joints in masonry are vertical weak planes intentionally built or cut into masonry to control where cracking occurs. Control joints should be installed in any masonry assembly that expected to experience net shrinkage over time. READ MORE

Best practices in masonry contracting do not include waiting until something goes wrong to inspect equipment and machinery. Best practices, OSHA reminds us, take three major components under consideration: manufacturers’ recommendations, good engineering practice, and, of course, applicable OSHA provisions.  READ MORE
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