Join Us for Surety Bonds 101

While surety bonds were historically used on public work, lenders are now frequently requiring them of general contractors, which means that major subcontractors are also being asked for bonds. Join Stinson Leonard Street partner Susan McGreevy Jan. 26, 2017 as she explains the bond process and reviews what every contractor should know before providing a surety bond. This is the first of a two-part series on surety bonds. Our February program will address part II of surety bonds.

Among the topics and questions that will be answered at the January program:

·        Different bond types, and different bond forms.
·        When and where are bonds required?
·        How do you establish a working relationship with a surety agent and company that you can depend on? What do they expect?
·        What's an indemnity agreement and how does it work? 

During this one-hour breakfast session, attorneys will be on hand in our Denver, Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Washington, DC offices to provide immediate feedback and ensure your questions are directed to Susan. Don't miss out on this information session, January 26.

Register online by Tuesday, January 24