International Masonry Institute’s JBC Masonry Innovation Competition

Competition Overview

The International Masonry Institute’s JBC Masonry Innovation Competition celebrates game-changing creativity and new ideas that have the power to propel growth within the industry. The competition challenges current and budding designers to answer the question: what will masonry’s design and construction delivery experience look like in the future?

For IMI, innovation is key to positioning masonry as a valued building system in design and construction. Innovation includes any solution that adds value, usefulness, appreciation, and relevance to masonry design and construction, and can be either an improvement of an existing system or a groundbreaking proposal. In other words, solutions should progress current masonry thinking or create new opportunities for growth through the creation of a scalable and repeatable model.

Solutions can explore innovation through masonry materials, the process of construction, or new business models related to construction efficiencies, and may also address issues such as energy efficiency, resiliency, sustainability, constructability, and customization. In all cases, however, the innovative ideas should be both clear and constructible.

To encourage freedom to innovate, the scale, size, program, and location, if applicable, are left open to the participant. Participants should model their solutions using BIM technology, and are encouraged to make use of BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) software plugins and tools.

The final solution can be an imagined, proposed, or completed structure or system. Submissions should clearly illustrate how masonry can transform or enhance its role in the building industry, and how this process advances design and construction opportunities in the future.

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