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Exterior Masonry Wall Assessment and Repair

1.0 LU/HSW

Tuesday, February 2 | 12 - 1:00 p.m. EST


Masonry wall systems exist in many different forms, from mass masonry to veneers. These wall systems manage water, air, vapor, and thermal conductivity in different ways. As a result, they are constructed and deteriorate differently. Review different masonry wall systems, their construction, their management of water, air, vapor, and thermal conductivity, their deterioration mechanisms, assessments, and repair options. We'll also address considerations for wall systems on buildings that are historic or historically significant.
Peter B.

Peter M Babaian, P.E., S.E., P. Eng.

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc

Structural Design of Masonry Storm Shelters

1.0 LU/HSW

Wednesday, February 10 | 1- 2:00 p.m. EST


Learn about updated storm shelter provisions per IBC 2015 and ICC 500, including examples of storm shelter concept designs. We’ll discuss the requirements for the design and construction of storm shelters to safeguard the public health, safety, and welfare in high-wind events, like tornadoes and hurricanes. Focus is on best practice for the design of masonry structures to accommodate high wind loading and storm shelter provisions of the code.

Brady Golinski

Brady Golinski, PE

Structural Engineer
FORSE Consulting

Terra Cotta Construction & Restoration

1.0 LU/HSW

Tuesday, February 16 | 12 - 1:00 p.m. EST


Architectural terra cotta began as features within brick masonry facade assemblies and evolved into full building clad systems. Get an overview of general terra cotta facade construction and how the wall system functions. We’ll discuss characteristics of the material and its pathological tendencies. The material properties and its construction contribute to its success and beauty, but also its vulnerability to damage. Understanding the material and its vulnerabilities helps in developing appropriate repair and restoration solutions. We’ll provide an overview of appropriate solutions for in-situ repairs, supplemental anchorage, replacement units, improved water management, and treatment of corroded steel. Craftworkers trained and educated in terra cotta masonry restoration are assets to project teams and play a significant role in successful historic terra cotta masonry projects.

Amy Lamb Woods

Amy Lamb Woods, P.E.

Director of Industry Development and Technical Services


Air Barrier Systems: Understanding Their Importance and Technologies

1.0 LU/HSW

Thursday, February 25| 12 - 1:00 p.m. EST


Learn how air barriers can help improve building performance and occupant health and comfort, an important aspect of sustainable design. Air barriers support sustainable design through energy efficiency, building longevity, and air quality improvement. We'll focus on weatherproofing and insulation. You'll also get an overview of air barrier construction in commercial buildings along with design considerations around specification and installation. Learn about the importance of substrate preparation for air barrier performance. Review different materials and application methods, including benefits and considerations. We'll also discuss common application errors and how to correct them. Finally, see how test methods help to verify air barrier performance and learn about typical warrantees to ensure air barrier effectiveness.

Peter Golter Bio_20190113

H. Peter Golter, P.E., FICRI
Business Development Manager
3M Building & Construction Markets



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