How Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics are Reshaping Business Strategies


How Predictive Modeling and Data Analytics are Reshaping Business Strategies


One of the most difficult aspects of Design/Build, as well as that of architects and concrete builders, is the preconstruction and project planning phase. Gone are the days of designing and building an office-based purely on a blueprint, engineering skill, and vendor relationships. Data and analytics are now deeply entrenched into the planning and execution phases of any build. And even though the use of analytics has only emerged over the last ten years, the ability to leverage this data to forecast or predict jobs and outcomes based on a number of factors is quickly evolving as the Next Big Thing for data use. READ MORE


Creative Design: Transforming Stone into Functional Art


Have you ever looked at a piece of stone and thought, “Wow, that is a remarkable and unique looking stone?” Have you ever thought of doing something out of the ordinary with that stone, like bringing it home to use on your desk as a paperweight? Maybe you’ve even found a larger stone that was uniquely shaped or had attractive colors and lugged it home to use a doorstop or as a feature in your garden. Maybe you’ve passed a piece of stone on a hike and thought about the possibilities beyond its current location. Since the beginning of time, stones of all shapes and sizes have been used as functional tools and functional art.



Ethics MCAA Style


The other day I was reminded of the time I was invited to speak to a Business Ethics class at the local university. Now anyone that knows me could predict my response when asked if I would share my thoughts on Construction Ethics. My close answer was, "Oh yes, when is it, and how many hours do I have?" READ MORE


On The Level: Keson and SOLA: Changing The Way You Look At Levels


For years, the spirit and screeding level industry in North America has lacked meaningful innovation. Keson is aiming to change that through its new partnership with SOLA Measuring Tools Co. Together, they are bringing high quality and affordable levels to North America featuring SOLA’s FOCUS vial technology.



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