Helping Veterans Heal: Natural Stone Institute RISEs To The Occasion











Helping Veterans Heal: Natural Stone Institute RISEs To The Occasion


Throughout history, mankind has been involved in numerous conflicts, and millions of lives have been forever changed by the landscape and realities of war- none more so than those on the front lines. Oftentimes, war robs our young men and women of more than just their youth and innocence, also leaving behind grievous physical injuries to match the emotional and psychological challenges. Modern weapons are more deadly, accurate, and efficient than at any other period in history, and as an unfortunate result, some veterans will come home needing critical care and assistance to live normal lives as a result of their resulting injuries.









The Rules of Saw Maintenance


For masonry saws and chainsaws, correct operation is possibly the most important step to a long life for your tools. The second is everyday cleaning and routine inspection with attention and understanding given to the moving parts. The third is carefully replacing items when needed. If it were your only job to take care of one particular machine, it would be easy to do well. But this is only one of many hundreds of variables in your profession, and it can be difficult to always adhere to these simple rules.









You Don't Get Results By Measuring Results


You can learn a lot about running a business by trying to lose weight. I knew it was time to make healthier choices a few years ago when one of my buddies on the golf course asked, “Are you two going to putt?” as if I were pregnant. The rest of the players in our group got a big laugh out of it. I pretended to smile. But inside, it really wasn’t that funny to me.











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