Hello MC&MCA - Thanks for the Opportunity!

The MC&MCA has retained Management Guidance LLP (MGLLP) to provide labor relations and administrative services to our growing organization. This exciting new relationship will expand MC&MCA’s scope to include labor relations activities while also providing a successor for Gary Botzek’s administrative role.
John Nesse and Martha Henrickson will lead the MGLLP relationship with MC&MCA. John and Martha have been involved in Minnesota construction industry labor relations for many years and worked with MC&MCA in the Spring 2020 labor negotiations cycle – they are familiar faces to many of you already. In this new relationship MC&MCA members should expect not only collective bargaining work, but also professional trustee appointments to the pension and health plans, contract administration duties such as language interpretation and grievance processing, and regular reports to the membership about these activities.
MGLLP’s labor relations work will begin in January 2020 with the expectation that their role and presence will grow over the year. The administrative role will transition from Capitol Connections over the first few months of 2020 in preparation for Gary Botzek’s retirement. John and Martha are available immediately to work with MC&MCA members on labor relations questions or issues that may arise. You can reach them at:
John Nesse                                         Martha Henrickson
(651) 253-4818                                   (612) 747-5544
jnesse@mguidance.com                    mhenrickson@mguidance.com
You should feel free to contact John or Martha at any time – just mention that you are a MC&MCA member.  Please welcome John and Martha to the MC&MCA team!