Hands-On Concrete & Masonry Career Fair Help Needed on March 4

On Wednesday, March 4 the MC&MCA, along with five unions, with be hosting a hands-on concrete and masonry career fair day at the BAC Training Center in New Hope. The targeted audience will be the Maple Grove Middle School Tech Ed students that are studying shop classes in grades 7 and 8.

Over 100 students and 15 parent/guardian volunteers are expected to attend and be exposed to 12 stations of actual hands in the mud experience with tile, flatwork concrete work, masonry walls, technology, sessions on classes needed to take in high school, and career opportunities in concrete and masonry construction.

We are looking for sponsors of the event to defray costs of the lunch, snacks, water, safety glasses, gloves, and take-home swag for the students. We are also looking for volunteer to assist us with monitoring the halls for directions, setting up and serving lunch, cleaning up after, and being presenters.

We will be meeting at the site at 8 AM and be there until 3 PM. Contact Mark Severson or Gary Botzek if you wish to participate. You are welcome to cut a check to help to cover the cost of the event. Thanks in advance for your help!