Event Recap | BIM for Mason Contractors

A number of MC&MCA contractor members and others attended the February 24 seminar at the Bricklayers Training Center to hear from IMI consultant Fred Kinateder on Building Information Modeling (BIM) and how the new technology is transforming the design, manufacturing and construction industries. Kinateder, along with IMI MN lead Mark Swanson, briefed attendees on how to be more productive using BIM, as well as, increase opportunities for promoting masonry construction, improve safety with management tools, improve communications with architects, engineers, and construction managers, and reduce problems during construction through “clash detection’ of models. BIM is actually a process that can be implemented into general and specialty contractor’s office operations, as well as, with venders as they provide goods and services for and to the job site. There is currently one third party BIM provider located in Minneapolis. For additional information contact Mark Swanson at mswanson@imiweb.org or go to bimformasonry.org

Joining McGough Companies and A &P Construction at the February 24 BIM  presentation was B & D Associates represented by Bill Dentinger III and Bill Dentinger IV. Also attending the briefing was MC&MCA marketing director Elena Peltsman and executive director Gary Botzek. The event took place at the Bricklayer Local #1 training center in New Hope.