Contractor Q&A: Rain Days


Contractor Q&A: Rain Days


Weather can be the determining factor between having a productive workday or not. Rain can be the potential cause of slip hazards on a jobsite so we decided to get more information on days when it rains from industry professionals. We sat down with Kent Bounds, the President of Brazos Masonry in Waco, Texas, and the Foreman Team of Cascade Construction Co. Inc. to get their take on rain days. We'd like to thank Kent and the Cascade Construction Foreman Team for talking with us on this topic. READ MORE


Staying Safe By Speaking Up


In our first Hazard Communication (or HazCom) article, we provided a very detailed overview of this critical process. Since safety is a vital part of working on any job, we wanted to give a more focused look at HazCom, and the integral pieces that go into the OSHA mandated processes that are required on a jobsite day-to-day. Aside from being in compliance and following the rules to stay compliant while using various potentially hazardous materials, there is another component of HazCom that may be overlooked. The competent person is the gatekeeper for all the information, procedures, steps, and processes that help to keep everyone on the jobsite safe. READ MORE


There Is Only One Way to Become Successful – Slowly


There's a popular Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now." My friend Steve's son George learned this the hard way at six years old when his class was doing a scientific experiment on seed germination to grow trees. George took the experiment to heart, cut a two-liter plastic pop bottle in half, and filled it with dirt. READ MORE


The Fechino Files: Importance of timesheets and daily reports 


Most of us know the basics about building arches, but how many of us can layout the arch, construct the template and build the arch without having a mess to clean up once it is constructed? Timesheets are a pain in the bottom, daily reports seem to be unnecessary, but collecting money is mandatory, and to collect what you earned, you need these two reports. READ MORE


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