Collapse at Oregon State project trouble for CLT industry


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August 16, 2018


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Collapse at Oregon State project trouble for CLT industry
The News&Observer

The new Peavy Hall at Oregon State University was envisioned to make a statement about the wood industry’s signature innovation - cross-laminated timber (CLT). The project, however, has experienced a series of problems highlighting the risks of getting caught up in the enthusiasm of the next best thing. In March, a 1,000 lb section of CLT flooring buckled and collapsed. In the ensuing investigation, another 85 panels have been identified as defective and marked for replacement. These replacement panels and other delays will add millions to the cost of the project that is already 32% over budget. Another CLT project in Portland Oregon, a 12-story CLT tower, was recently cancelled over construction costs. Read more.

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What non-engineers need to know about structural masonry
The Construction Specifier

2018.08.16 - Image for What non engineers need to know about structural Masonry

Structural masonry saves time and money while providing a durable solution for building design. Masonry has outstanding load carrying and transfer capabilities but is too often relegated to veneer, infill, or over-designed structural elements. This creates an inefficient construction delivery system and misuse of material, which can negatively impact cost, schedule, and space. All parties in the design and construction process benefit from understanding the basic and advanced principles of structural masonry and how they are applied. This article discusses uses of masonry systems. Read more.

International Association of Fire Chiefs opposes CLT code changes

2018.08.16 - Image of the INTL Fire Chiefs Association

The International Association of Fire Chiefs, the association that represents the leadership of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide, recently adopted a position to oppose proposed changes to the International Building Code to allow 18-story CLT construction. Their position comes after a thorough review of the code changes, which concluded the changes are overreaching and lack true technical support for many of the concepts proposed. IAFC urges the various code development committees and the membership to vote ‘no’ on the CLT proposals in their current form. Read more.

Innovative block wins ARCHITECT R+D Award

2018.08.16 - Image for mineralbuilt

MineralBuilt is a new concrete masonry unit designed by architects. In searching for a product with the strength of concrete but flexibility of wood framing, Francisco Gomes and Dabney Staub created their own building block. The resulting configuration offers benefits and increased efficiencies in manufacturing, shipping, and construction as well. Gomes said that the blocks use one-third less cement and aggregate than conventional blocks, and can be made 50 percent faster—all on standard CMU production equipment.Instead of the two hollow openings of a conventional CMU, MineralBuilt blocks create an open cavity on the inboard wall face, with the piers working as supports on which to hang drywall or other finishes. AIA’s magazine, ARCHITECT, was impressed enough to recognize the invention with a citation award in its 12th Annual R+D Awards. The MineralBuilt system was also featured at NCMA'S Product Development and Creative Concepts Forum at ICON-EXPO in February. Read more.

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Manufacturing jobs growing at fastest rate in 23 years

2018.08.16 - Image for Manufacturing jobs growing

Employers created 37,000 new manufacturing jobs in July, the Labor Department reported recently. This is the strongest gain since December and the third straight month in which factory job growth accelerated. The July numbers may have been nudged upward a bit by vagaries in the data due to annual auto plant shutdowns, but the trend has been firm for the past year and a half. The 327,000 new jobs over the last year represent the best 12-month stretch in 23 years. Analysts point to several factors that have kept hiring on an upswing, even as they eye growing headwinds.Read more.

The future of real estate may be etched in concrete 

If you're looking for hints on the future of the real estate pipeline, including new residential and non-residential starts, you can do worse than listening to Ed Sullivan. The senior vice president and chief economist of the Portland Cement Association, Sullivan was among the keynote speakers at the recent mid-year meeting of the Herndon, Va.-based National Concrete Masonry Association, at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Chicago. “The economy's good right now,” he said, observing we've been creating on average about 200,000 new jobs a month, and more than two million new jobs a year. “These numbers lead to household formation, which boosts residential development.”Read more.

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Ultra Drain Mat™ drainage/ventilation system

Designed for exterior stone, stucco and brick applications Ultra Drain Mat is an easy-to-install rainscreen system providing drainage and ventilation for a wall system. Ultra Drain Mat keeps moisture from entering through mortar joints or cracks in cladding, creates a channel for moisture drainage and accelerates drying time of exterior cladding.



Mississippi State wins Unit Design Competition
NCMA Foundation

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Students from three universities traveled to the NCMA Midyear Meeting to compete in the National Unit Design Competition. Teams from Ball State University, Mississippi State University and Iowa State University presented their new, unique designs for concrete masonry and hardscape units. Judged both by a jury consisting of manufacturers, architects, and masons, as well as the design competition audience, Mississippi State took first place overall with their unit named "The Pulse", which has a protruding face that gives the finished assembly a pulsated look. Congratulations to the all the students and faculty who participated in this competition! Click here for more information on the teams and their innovative designs.

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What is the function of anchored veneer?

Solutions Center Logo

The main function of anchored veneer is to provide an architectural facade and to prevent water penetration into the building. Anchored veneers are non-loadbearing and the structural properties are neglected in design. For more information on anchored veneer, seeTEK 5-1B Concrete Masonry Veneer Details.

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ICON-Xchange 2019 brochure highlights event program

2018.08.16 - ICON XCHANGE Globe

Check out all that is in store for participants at ICON-Xchange 2019. ICON-Xchange is the premier event for the manufactured concrete masonry and hardscape industry, taking place February 14-16, 2019, at the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista Orlando, Florida. The NCMA Annual Convention will be held Febraury 12-14. On Friday, February 15 and Saturday, February 16, the B2B Exchange will provide a one-on-one meeting format for industry supplier companies to conduct private meetings with manufacturing companies of all sizes. Companies will also have the opportunity to participate in the ICON-Xchange Marketplace, February 14-16, which provides another opportunity to network and reach potential customers/suppliers. Visit for all the details.


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